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Tim Daly

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FanFic 1:
There isnt a spanking in this but a couple of good senes where there should had been like being handcuffed to the bed and the boss so I'm making one up for this one Enjoy :-)
See attached pic for mood setting
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
Timothy Daly .... Dr. Richard Jacks
His boss was walking by one day just making his stops making sure everything was going to plan he happened to see Dr Richard by the copy machine
This isnt the kind of stuff we do in this office
Its not what it looks like
Well it might not be but what if a kid walked by and saw you like this
I......  I.......  wasnt thinking
I guess not
He took off his belt now lean up against that wall
He knew not to fight and he knew he had it coming it could be worst he could get fired
You know I could fire you
I know......
But I'm going to do this instead
Whoosh Whossh Whoosh Woosh
Whooosh Woosh Wooosh
Whoosh Woosh Woosh
Oh by the way dont cry because it gets worst
Cause you are on a vaction for a week
I didnt ask for that
Its a order.......
Whack Whack
A nurse heard the noise walked in and........
Someone take it over from here

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