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7th Heaven 2

This is page 2 of The 7th Heaven Sagas :-)


Fan Fic 1:Simon And 2 Classmates: Stephen Jackson And Brian Sites
As always there is an attach pic to give ya more of an idea of the story
Simon woke up the next boy and boy oh boy was he butt sore it was so sore that he tossed and turned all day
He thought to himself I hope I can stay out of trouble today I cant stand much more of this paddlings spanking whippings etc.
He rushed to get dressed grabbed his books and just walked to school
I'm not going to take a chance on getting in trouble on the bus and I dont wanta hear anyone's mouth around so I'm going to walk.
By the time he got to the school his legs was hurting and he only at 3 minutes to get to homeroom.  He didnt even look in his locker just rushed to class so he wouldnt get paddled again
I'm playing it safe today he thought to himself
When he got to homeroom he was the last one there he was out of breath and sweating like a wart hog.
OK Class said the homework teacher if you havent got your homework done now is the perfect time
Thank Goodness I made it let me get my English out.  It's not here OH NO!!!  I finish it last night and I left it on my desk.
What's wrong simon asked one of his friends that was setting behide him
I forgot my homework
Oh no!!!  Can you redo it
Wont have time its my first period class
Why don't you just skip
Yeah skip school and get ANOTHER spanking when I get home.
Another how many did you get
Well lets see 5 or 6 and my butt hurts
Who by
Mr Adams is one
Oh no I was just in there last week I've been paddled alot but he was by far the worst
Your telling me LOL
Who esle
The bus driver
The bus driver why??????????
Because I got in a fight on the bus.
Oh I C
My older brother my dad and..........
I feel for ya buddy
Well Gee Thanks
The teacher heard the talking
Hey guys You know homeroom is study time Stephen Jackson and Simon Camden come up front please
You know my rule for talking its 5 licks each for the both of you


Stephen bend over she lifted his shirt up just a tad.
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Now Go Set down I dont wanta hear another word from ya
Simon you know the drill
I wish I didnt
What was that?????????/
Oh nothing
Thats what I thought but 5 more just in case you was mouthing.......
Thats what I figured he said in a soft meek voice
Whack Whack Whack Whack whack
By the 5th time he wanted to cry but not in front of the class between today and yesterday his butt couldnt get no sorer.
Whack Whack Whack Whack
The bell rang
Hold it one got one more  WHACK!!!!!!!! 
That was harder than all the rest from the 10 and he would tell because he felt the pain believe me........
He was teary eyed but woud not let it come out he was bound and dertermed not to cry.
He got in the classroom
He was really shocked to see the teacher wasnt there we have a sub!!!!!!
Great a sub!!!!!!
What was that said the sub?
Oh nothing just glad there you are here today
Why?  Whats your name?
Simon Camden
Oh Hi I'm Mr Mcgee.  I have a note from the teacher bout you
Really?  What bout?
Yeah she asked me to ask you bout your homework
What bout it?
Do you have it
No sorry I will have it tommorrow I left it home.
Thats a good excuse but sorry I cant exspet it she said she gave you an extra day to do it and if it wasnt done to paddle you and if I didnt want to do it send you to Mr Adams
No not Mr Adams Please...........
Because his paddlings REALLY HURT I just got one yesterday for fighting on the bus
Sounds good but I will tell ya I really hate doing this.  I've only paddled a few a students
Bend Over.....  But I guess You Know The Drill
Yeah I do Wish I didnt but I do........
Get ready....
Whack Whack Whack Whack
with each Whack it was harder
Whack Whack
By the 6th it couldnt help it the tears began to fall........
I thought you didnt like doing this
I dont why
Because I thought Mr Adams was bad you got him beat
Whack Whack Whack Whack 
Stop it!!!!
Whack Whack Whack
Outside the door was another classmate teasing Simon named Brian Sites


And What might your name be.......
Ah...... Brian Stiles sir
You making fun of this man
are you in this class?
Well you are now come here you wont be making fun no more........
He came over you know the drill bend over  He lifted his shirt tails
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Not he started crying
Now laugh at my again Brian LOL
Shut up simon
Whack Whack Whack
Now go to your class and simon
I want a 100 page essay on my desk by tommorrow I will be subbing all week Plus I want your homework if both aint done by tommorrow I will paddle you again Plius the essay will be raised to 200 words plus you will be sent to the office
Is that all?????????
What more????/
No now go set down if you can LOL
someone start of where I left off

Fan Fic 6: (Added Here Aug 7th 02)
I will make a try.After his paddling, Simon made it through the rest of the school day without any more trips to the office, even though he failed to finish his homework.   When school finally let out, Simon was surprised to see his oldest brother Matt waiting for him in his car.Matt yelled at Simon to get in. When Simon sat down, Matt could see his brother was in some discomfort, and snickered.  "Have some trouble in school today, little brother?" Matt asked with a grin. Simon snapped back that everything was fine, and to leave him alone. As they drove upthe drive way, Matt told Simon that dad wanted to see him in his study.  As Simon walked into the house, he looked back to see Matt watching him with an evil grin.  Simon walked up to the study door,and knocked.  "Come in Simon" Rev. Camden said in a calm,but stern voice.  "I received a call from your principal this afternoon, and it seems you have been giving him, and your bus driver alot of trouble". Simon looked down, and quietly said he was very sorry.  His dad said that he wanted to make sure he was sorry, and with that, he undid his belt,  ordered Simon to pull down his pants and underwear, and to bend over the front of his desk.  Just as the first lick was to come down, Simon begged his dad not to whip his bottom, because he had already received a bare bottom whipping, and paddling. His dad told him, that they had done a good job on his bare bottom, but his bottom was just not red enough for what Simon deserved.  With that Rev.Camden brought down his belt across Simon'salready sore bottom. Simon howled as his dad kept applying the belt,nonstop, across his tender bottom.  Finally, the whipping stoppedwith Simon's barebottom a very glowing red, and Simon sobbing.  Rev.Camden hugged Simon, and told him to start behaving in school.  As Simon walked out of the study, he hadn't quite pulled up his pants, so Matt, who had been listening at the door, got to see how red his barebottom was. "That is the reddest bare butt I have ever seen" laughed Matt.  All Simon could do was to try and get his pants over his sore bottom.  AsMatt laughed, Rev. Camden put his arm around Matt's shoulder.  "Oh I don't know Matt, YOU might have a much redder bare bottom then Simon".  Matt's mouth dropped wide open at his his dad's comment. "Simon's principal wasn't the only one who called me today. Officer Buckner called me, and told me that my oldest son had received 2 speeding tickets this week".  Simon snickered as a stunned Matt was ushered into dad's study.   Simon quickly pulled up ispants, and snuck over to take a peek.  He was just in time to see hishigh school older brother, Matt, dropping his pants, and underwear,bending over the front of the  desk.  " This is going to be fun"Simon said to himself, as his dad raised his belt over Matt's barebottom.                Someone take it now.

Fan Fic 2:Simon
This one was one that someone took over where it has left off it was sent it by bigal
Matt starts after Simon.

HEY!  What are you two doing??  Eric yelled as he grabbed, both his sons, as they ran through the kitchen.
Matt, weren't you told to stay over the sink with that bar of soap in your mouth?

"Dad, Simon kept whacking me on my sore bare butt, and even broke my hairbrush!"
Matt pleaded.

"Simon, I guess you  haven't  had enough spankings today?  Matt why don't you get your sister's hairbrush for me.

Matt ran off, got the brush, and by the time he got back, Simon was already was over dad's knee, with his bottom bare, and waiting.

Matt handed him the brush, and stood waiting for the spanking to begin, when his dad ordered him to get back to the bathroom before his mother saw him.

"But I want to see the little brat get it with the brush"  Matt complained.  "You get back, or your mother will really blister your bottom, NOW GO!"  Eric said pointing down the hall.

Matt walked down the hall, but had to sneak back, when he heard the brush swatting Simon's bare bottom, and Simon's yelps, and cries.

Now it was Simon's turn to squrim, and cry, as dad really spanked his bare bottom, just as hard as mom had spanked Matt.   Simon was really crying hard, when dad finally stopped.

Matt laughed as Simon grabbed his sore bottom, and did a little dance, as dad lectured him.

"That will teach that little brat" Matt laughed.  He then made sure he had wrapped towel around himself, and headed back o the bathroom, laughing all the way.

Matt's laughter suddenly stopped when got into the bathroom, and saw standing there his mom, with te bar of soap in her hand, and a very angry look.

Someone take it from there.  

Fan Fic 3:Matt
 thought I told you to stay in here

But But...... mom

no buts get your butt over here NOW!!!

whack whack whack whack whack

she continued on til he got 40 licks with her hand

now give me you car keys

your grounded for a month

but but mom.....

make that 2 months anymore you would like to say


I didnt think so

2 weeks later............  matt sneaks out of the house and gets the extra
set of keys
from his desk he has a big date with his girlfriend

he went to her house to pick her up he told her to be waiting outside and
she was he didnt want her dad to call his he was doing everything right

a police officer stopped him one of daddy's best friends he was in trouble

I just stopped you last week and gave you a ticket that didnt work so lets
try something esle

What dont call my dad

Dont worry I wont LOL

The Office unzipped Matt's pants and pulled them down to his ankles

What are you going to do?  Spank Me LOL


Not in front of my girlfriend

She might help

Yep sure will

He took out his night  stick

Count Em Matt











Now its your turn matt's girlfriend:-)

Cool beans!!!!! I've always waited to do this he has such a cute butt LOL

Count em matt











He would cry because a woman was there but it really hurt he was so glad it
was over

Then Matt's cell phone rang..........

Someone take it over
Fan Fic 4:Matt
Another fanfic based on our favorite little family :-)
Mom!!!!!!  What are you doing here I'm in shower Duh........ big red truck
You remember a few weeks ago when we grounded you what did I say
I couldnt use my car
And what did you do tonight?
Got in my car and went on a date.
And what happened.....
I got stopped by the cops
And you was on that cell phone of yours
You were
And what did I tell I tell
That you were going to get me when  I got home
Did you think I forgot
Of course not.......
What did our little police friend do to ya
He spanked me with that night stick
And What should I do
Let me off cause my butt is hurting enough
Not a chance!!!!!!!
Get out of there and come and set on mommy's lap
whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkk
whack whackkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
And in walks simon wanting to use the bathroom
Oops sorry........
Someone take it over from here
Fan fic 5:Simon and Peter (School Bus)
It all started one mourning he didnt want to get up to go to school but he knew he had to he took a shower and got dressed and was off to school.  He didnt got on the boss and this boy started fighting with his bus with him his name was Peter.
Peter:  Hey jerk boy
Simon: Who are you calling a jerk me?
Peter:  Yeah You wanta do something bout it
The bus driver noticed the two boys he stopped the bus Peter was a brown hair blue eyed boy who had that deep tan and we all know what Simon looked like :-)
He made the boys pull down their pants Simon was first
He pulled down his pants to show off that bottom and the bus driver took off his belt and whipped him with it the bus driver made him count out loud
Simon:  Stop it It hurts he begin to cry
Bus Driver:  I'll give you something to cry bout
Bus Driver now set down before I change my mind!
Its your turn now peter
Bus Driver"  Dont tell me now thats extra for you
He started to cry and simon started laughing
Bus Driver: What are you laughing bout?  I take you didnt get enough!  come here NOW boy!
Bend it over
Simon:  Started crying again No! He shouted but he went anyway
Now set down!  and Peter come back I aint finish with you yet
Now set down
The bus driver pull up to the school and.............
Someone take off where I left off