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Zachery Ty Bryan

Zach came in 2nd in the 1st week of the polls
Sunday Aug 11th 02
3 New Lists:
  The Boys Of 7th Heaven spanking Fan Fic and Pics
  The Boys of Home Improvement Spanking fanfic and Pics  Teen Idols Past and Present barefeet


Fan Fic 1:
Attached is a pic to give ya more of idea and a mood setting
16 and just learning to drive Dad took him for the test which he passed Which is dad was very pleased
Great Job Son
Thanks Dad
But now for the hard part guess you gets him to learn how to drive LOL
Now Brad my dad was very hard on me when he learned me and I've never had a ticket in 3 years knock on wood  So I'm going to learn you the same way he did me
OK sounds good
Alrighty here's the deal I'm putting a coffee cup on the dash if it spills you get 10 licks on your bare butt we will pull into the nearest gas station and do it there or wait til we get home
I dont like that idea!!
Well I'm not done yet
You run a stop sign or you break any laws its 10 more Understand?
I understand but I dont like it
That dont matter hey look at it this way you will be a perfect driver
How do you figure
Because you dont want the spanking or do you
What do you think
They both laughed
He started off he wasnt driving no more than 5 minuites when he almost wreaked the car had to swirl just to miss him
OK son thats 10 wanta wait
His dad told him to parellel park but he hit the turn too hard and the coffee fell on his dad lap
Man thats hot not its your butt's turn
Not now!!!!
Yeah now pull into that seven eleven
They pulled into the parking lot Brad was already going off
WHY WHY WHY are you doing this NOW!!!!
Because I'm hot now its your turn 
They walked to the bathroom it wasnt locked so they went right in
Now remove all your clothes shoes and socks first
Why the shoes and socks
Because its easier to take off your pants
True but I still dont want this
He was already getting teary eyed
I'm too old for this
Your are never too old as long as your under my roof
Now do it!!!
Alright Whatever I'm doing it
He got everything off and Tim was ready and prepared.....
He put Brad over his knee the first Smack on bare butt was hard but nothing like the second each one got harder
Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap
Stop it it hurts
I said 20!!!!  Didnt I????????/
Yeah get it over with he started crying he couldnt control it
Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap
Now get dressed I'm in the car
Tim waited out in the car it wasnt long til Brad came out
Man my butt hurts your not doing this again today!!!!!
Dont make no more mistake and I wont
He pulled out of the parking long but didnt notice that the light was Red and he ran it........
Someone start off where I left off


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