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Little House On The Prairie


Fan Fic 1:
I found this at a new Fan Fic website I found while surfing today thought you might like it
Albert had been living with the Ingalls at there home on Plum
Creek for more than a month. He had adjusted to family life quite
well, he called Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls "Ma" and "Pa". He was protective
or Laura and Carrie as if they were his own sisters. The only
adjustment problem he was having were the many rules. After so many
years of being alone on the streets he was not use to anyone telling
him when to be home or even what to do. Caroline and Charles gave him
some leeway with him but their patience was staring to wear thin.
Albert would leave the farm without telling them and he repeatedly
forgot to do his chores. Caroline and Charles knew that Laura was
covering for him allot by doing his chores or telling them where he
had gone but even Laura was growing tired of his behavior.
One day after school Albert and John Spencer were going to go fishing.
"Albert remember to be home in time to do your chores before supper,
I am not going to do them for you again" Laura warned her younger
"Don't worry Laura I'll remember, I promise" he replied. Laura walked
away doubting his promise.
"Man, I hate all these rules, I can't go anywhere without somebody
else knowing and going to school every day, don't get me wrong I like
learning and all but how can you expect me to sit in a desk all day
long for five days of the week. I wish I could just have a day to
"I know what you mean, I would like a day where I had no chores or
school. All day I would fish or just lay and look at the clouds."
"Yea, that would be nice" Albert said.
By this time the boys had reached the pond and had started to fish.
"You know, we could do that, have the whole day off, we would still
have to do our chores but why can't we just miss a day of school."
Albert asked.
"Because my Pa would skin me alive if he ever found out."
"John nobody would ever know, just walk to school like normal but
come here instead then
just go home at four and do your chores."
"Well I suppose it might work but what would we tell Mrs. Garvey?"
"Nothing, she will ask for a note and you just say you'll bring it
tomorrow and she wont ask again."
"What about your sisters?"
"Oh they wont say anything, I will just bribe Carrie and threaten
Laura, I know she broke Ma's favorite vase and Ma would kill her if
she found out. Come on meet me here tomorrow morning okay?"
"All right I'll see you tomorrow."
Albert stayed around to fish for a little longer but he lost track of
the time.
Oh no I am going to be late for supper he thought as he dashed home.

When he got to the house the family had already sat down to
'"Albert where have you been?" Charles asked.
"I'm sorry Pa, I went fishing after school and I lost track of time."
"That seams to be happening allot to you lately and it has to stop."
"Yes sir"
"I mean it Albert, the next time you do not do your chores or you
leave without telling your Ma or I will punish you, is that
"Yes sir"
"All right than, why don't you go and do your chores before it gets
to dark."
"But Pa what about supper, it will be cold by the time I get done."
"While maybe you should have thought of that before, now off you go."
"Yes sir"
Albert fell asleep that night thinking about how nice it will be to
have a whole day of doing nothing.

The next morning when Laura, Albert and Carrie were walking
to school Albert made the girls promise not to tell Pa that we wasn't
going to school. Laura was not pleased with this plan.
"What am I going to tell Mrs. Garvey?"
"Just tell her I am sick"
"Why should I lie for you Albert Ingalls?" she demanded.
"Because if you don't I'll tell Ma who really broke her vase."
"You wouldn't"
"Yes I would"
"Fine I'll lie for you but you better be careful, if Pa finds out he
will kill you and believe me some how he will find out."
"Ya, whatever, I'll see you latter"
Albert went off to find John at the creek.
"Hi Albert, did you have any trouble with your sisters?" he asked.
"Laura was a little bit of a pest but she wont tell, come on lets do
some fishing."
Albert and John fished and talked for most of the day but before the
boys knew it the whole day had passed.
"I better go, I got to do my chores, you coming?"
"Naw, this day has been so perfect, I think I'll stick around"
"Okay Albert, see ya latter."
Albert stayed at the pond till long after he was suppose to be home.
He thought the time to fish would be worth another lecture from Pa
but when his stomach started to growl he headed home. When he got
there the family had already finished dinner and Pa was furious. As
soon as Albert came in the house Charles started to yell.
"Albert, you missed dinner and your chores, where were you this
"I went fishing again."
"Well I told you there would be consequences if you disobeyed me
again, go upstairs."
"But Pa I have to do my chores now."
"Laura already did them for you, now get upstairs."
"Yes sir" Albert did not really understand why Pa wanted him to go to
the loft, was Pa going to send him to bed this early?

Pa went into the room he and Caroline shared to grab her big
wooden hair brush. He climbed the loft dreading what he had to do.
"All right Albert, come here" Charles told his son.
Albert walked over to his father still not suspecting what was about
to come. Charles attempted to pull Albert over his lap but Albert
jumped up.
"What are you doing?" Albert cried.
"I am going to give you the spanking you deserve"
"No you cant" he yelled.
"And why not?" Charles asked.
"Because, your not my real father." Albert yelled.
"Albert, I am your father now and you will have to accept that. Now
obey me at once!"
Charles took the hairbrush and smacked Albert's bottom many times,
until it was a crimson red. At first Albert kicked and tried to work
his way out from under his fathers tight grip but he soon tired and
went limp. Charles new Albert had had enough and released him, Albert
jumped up, grabbed his bottom and rubbed as furiously as he could.
"Oww, that hurt, owww." he cried.
"It is suppose to hurt, it was a spanking boy. You have ten minutes
to pull yourself together and then I expect you downstairs. "
"No, Pa please, the girls will laugh at me." he whined.
"Oh no they wont, both girls have been in the same circumstance
"Ten minuets Albert" he reminded him.
"Yes sir."
Albert splashed some cold water on his face and went down the latter.
He went and stood beside Laura.
"Albert, why don't you sit down." she joked.
"Laura Ingalls!" Pa yelled.
"Sorry sir."
"You better watch it or you will be next. Now apologize to your
"Yes sir, I'm sorry Albert."
"That's okay Laura."
Albert and Laura continued to talk for a little while when they heard
a knock on the door.
Mrs. Garvey was standing there.
"Why hello Alice, please come in." Caroline told her friend.
"Caroline I just came over here to see how Albert was feeling."
"He is fine, why?" Charles asked.
"Well Laura told me he was ill, so I thought I would see come see how
he is doing."
"Oh she did, Laura is that true?"
"Yes sir"
"Laura you can go to your room, I will be up to discuss this with you
Laura sighed, "Yes sir."
"Now Albert would you care to explain where you were today?" Charles
"Well, I was, Ahhh"

To be countined....
I will try and write the rest as soon as I can but it may take a few


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