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Corey Haim

Corey Lists


I cant remember what week he won it wasnt listed in the fan fic but I think it was the 5th or 6th week but dont quote me on that
Fan Fic 1:
Corey won the Poll in 1st Place this week  with 7 Votes so this is the Corey one Enjoy and I will be doing the others in just a sec :-)
This one is based on the movie Blown Away A excellent movie but has no spanking sences though but I'm adding one :-)  It also is one of the MANY movie where both Coreys starred in.
In this fan fic Corey (Rich) is being spanked by his girlfriend Nicole Eggert (Megan)
See attached Pic for a mood setting
Rich and Nicole get in their first fight and boy was it ever a dosy
Rich I told you for the last time I'm not cheating you are the only man for me she touches lifts up his shirt just enough to get her hands on him so rubs him gently I love you Rich
Yeah get your hands off you me your little Tramp
Tramp!  I'm going to teach you punk!!!
What are you going to do to me
You will just have to wait and see wont you
Oh BOY!!!!!!!
Now get undressed and lay on that bed
He knew not to say a word just do it because he KNEW she was mad so he done just as she said to do No Questions asked
He got on the bed so took his socks that he threw in the floor and tied his arms to the bed post and took his belt from the floor
I will be needing this......
So turned him around so that his butt was up in the air
He knew what was next he was afraid to ask or even speak a word but the look on his face at this point said it all
I dont care where I hit so dont scream or it will get worst........
She stood back a couple of steps from the bed when the belt went up in the air to Rich it seemed like hours just in slow motion but when that first Crack hit his back he started to cry
WOw I never got a boy to cry on the first one LOL
Youve none this before!!!!
Many times child Many Times LOL
The next 10 went to his back but his Butt wasnt never hit
The butt just looks to white I'm going to have to do something bout that LOL
Crack Crack Crack Craxck Crackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Cracxk Crack Crack Crack Crack Cracccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Cracxkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Crack Crackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk
With each CRACK the pain got worst
All Rich could do was SCREAM OUT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont you not to scream Now your really going to it Looking down and his bare hairy legs she started thinking I got his back and his butt now his legs and she hit them with the belt 10 times but she soon realized the butt was funner so she threw the belt down set on top of his legs looked down at his butt No this is REALLY going to hurt she said with an evil grin
With her hand Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap
Then someone started to walk in What are you doing here............................
Someone take it over where I left off

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