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Robbie Benson


Fan Fic 1:
 See attached pic for mood setting
Not a fan of this movie Robby has been in LOTS of movies Start you own fan fic from one of more of those (There is alot of missed ones)  Or continue from this one
Plot Outline: The story of Billy Mills the American Indian that came from obscurity, to win the 10,000 meter long distance foot race in the Tokyo Olympics.
Setting Its set in the locker room where Robby comes in have asleep and loses the race and costs his teammates the championship and the Coach
Pat Hingle .... Coach Bill Easton
 Isnt too happy bout that Robby is Billy Mills Enjoy the show :-)
Billy stayed up late last night studying for an exam when he got to the race everyone could tell by looking in his eyes he was very tired but the show must go on Do your best they said
The coach added you better win or I will get that paddle out of my desk
I will coach........
He done fine up until the last lap and he was too tired to turn the lap and wreaked the bike the other teammates had to help him up by this time he was the last one on the track 
He knew he was in for it
The coach was right on with his word she lead Robby to the locker room after the race was over some of his teammates stayed to watch the coach made him get naked
I told you what would happen didnt I
Yes sir.........
Why are you so tired
I have a math exam today I was studying
You also have this race You let down your team mates.....
I know......
You know???????/
Yes sure....
Well bend over
Please dont do this.....  The team is watching
DO IT!!!!
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Now get out of my face and I best hear that you done good on the exam too buddy.....
Someone continue from here
Fan Fic 2:
Since no one took it yet and I put it up here I figured I would do it
Billy was almost late for class he only had a couple mins left as soon as he sat down in the classroom the bell rang Boy that was close the teacher could had spanked me again but as he looked around he didnt reconize the guys from his class was he in the wrong class or what the teacher looked back at him
Ah you are in the wrong class Billy you are not surposed to be here til next period everyone laughed and he felt so stupid he was in such a rush he went to 101 instead of 102 which was right next door....
Well Billy glad to see you finally made it didnt you know you have a test today well you can just make yourself right at home standing in front of my desk while I get my paddle Now class pencils down for a sec I want you all to witness this he got the paddle made Billy empty his pockets and bend over he lifted up his shirt tail and began whack whack whack whack whack the sound of that paddle echoed thoroughout the room whackkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkk
Now Billy you can forget bout taking the test....
But sir I have to take it
You didnt let me finish....
A sign of relief crossed his face
Well not so fast son you was late correct
Yes sir
Well I'm going to make you look like the biggest fool thisd class ever saw
Ah how!!!
I want you to take off your shoes and socks
he did it but wondered what was going on
Now stand face to the blackboard take your left hand and hold up your left foot now if you fall you will recieve 10 more licks
Nervous and with his leg shaking how long do I have to do this
Til the end of class
But what bout the test
After school you will take it
But what about practice
You should had thought of that....
Oh boy.......
The class was laughing........
ok class enough get back to testing.............
someone take it

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