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Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas won the 2nd week in 2nd place I think it was or maybe the first on down the exact place might be shown
Sunday Aug 11th 02
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  The Boys Of 7th Heaven spanking Fan Fic and Pics
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Fan Fic 1: (It was tied with 1st in the 1st week)
JTT is tired for 1st place with David Gallagher so here's a little fan fic bout JTT again
This one is based on the movie Walking Across Egypt his name is Wesley Benfield
If you havent seen it It contains no spanking but an excellent movie or of my faves there is alot of great places for a spanking scene here's one
Attached is one of my faveorite JTT pics.
Matty woke up one mourning Wesley get ready your going to church rather you like it or not
Ok Just let me change clothes
Wear your white outfit I just brought you the other day
OK where is it?
He got in the closet and found it
He got dressed and she drove to church
Since young wesley escaped from junville hall it was only a matter of time time he got caught or someone turned him in.....
In this case he got turned it after church was over the police was outside but young wesley tired to exscape but it just didnt do good they finally found him and they took him back to juvenile hall.
The main guy in charage thought to himself he he finally comes home.........
The police officer brung him to him Here he is
Thank You.  You know how long I waited for this Wesley the long hours I spent looking for you You know you are getting a paddle right
I know Just get it over it
Take off your shoes and socks
Because I said so dont ask questions just do it
Ok whatever
You givin my lip
No sir he said scared
Thats what I thought........
Bend over
Whack Whack Whack Whack whack Whack Whack
Please Stop!  He cried out
A man your age crying!!!  You baby
I'm not a baby it just hurts JERK!!!!!
Jerk I think that deserves extra licks
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
Is that the etra licks!!!!!!
Nope just warming up  Whack Whack whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack
I'm sorry!!!!!!  Please Stop!!!!
Nope Whack Whack Whack Whack
Now the extra licks Whack Whack whack Whack Whack
Now take these other clothes it is what you left here and you will be in solitare confinement for 2 weeks to think bout you did


The officer looked at Wes as he closed that door behide him
Have fun he said and laughed
Wes told him to shut up and just gave him that evil look
The officer said..........
Someone take it over where I left offf
Fan Fic 2:
I'll go ahead and do this one too since I'm doing the website and putting it up no one esle took it :-)
You getting smart with me boy
No sir.......
I think you are bend it over Boy
Please no more.....
You should had kept your mouth shut
Whacvkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  whacvkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whac........................
One of the boys heard the sound of screaming and came to the door
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk
The officer looked back and saw him..................
Someone take it from here


Fan Fic 3:  This was not created by me it was posted on my list if the owner wants it removed email me
--- In Spankastar@y..., "kneeboneuk" <kneeboneuk@y...> wrote:
I was surprised when they told me to go and stay with Uncle Don on
his farm in Kentucky.  I had never met him and knew nothing about
him.  He was not even really a pretend uncle.  However, it was
exciting for me to go and the flights being my first were something
of an adventure.  When I arrived at the airport I saw him standing
there with my name held up high, although there were no other
sixteen year olds on the flight and barely anybody who could have
been  him standing in the receiving area.  He was a sleek handsome
looking man wearing smart jeans .  I reckoned he was about forty
years old and must have been stunning when he was younger.

After the welcome we went to the car where I could see another boy
sitting in the back.  "This is Jon"  I was told, but paid little
attention to him at this point.  As we drove we talked a bit and
they pointed pout some of the features of the state.  Jon and Don
both spoke from time to time and explained  that the drive would
take an hour or so.  They described the farm.  I assumed that Jon
was Don's son. 

It was when we arrived that I realised that the boy in the back had
a face that was recognisable. As I looked inquisitively at him Uncle
Don said, "Jon has stayed on my farm a few times.  He comes every
few months when he is not busy.  He is here to learn a different

I made myself comfortable in the spacious bedroom and was told to
lie down for a couple of hours to overcome the jetlag.  I couldn't
sleep.  I got up and walked down the stairs quietly.  I was not
deliberately trying to spy on them but I heard them talking, so I
stopped to listen.

"Why am I going to do this?" I heard Uncle Don say.
"Because I was wilfully disobedient."
"Yes, and I warned you didn't I?"
"Yes sir, you did.  I'm sorry."
"But sorry, isn't go to save you is it?"
"No sir, of course not, sir."
"Very well then.  Assume the position."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing.  I wanted to look, but
didn't dare.  I stayed where I was trying hard not to breath.  I
heard the sound of a slap loud and clear.  Goodness, Jon was getting
some sort of whacking.  SLAP! WHACK! SLAP!  No other sound came from
either of them until I had counted to fourteen. 

"Right.  Get up.  Pull up your boxers."  I was excited now. "And
then get your jeans on properly."

I realised that Jon had received a bare-assed spanking.  This famous
guy had received a smacked bum.  It was quiet for a moment before I
heard Jon begin to speak.

"Thankyou, Uncle Don." he said, "I know I deserved it.  Can I ask
you something?"
"Yes, you know you can?"
"Will you be treating Alex the same way you treat me?"
"I will have to suss him out a bit first because we don't want any
trouble with his folks.  But if possible I will treat him exactly
the same as I do you."

I had heard enough.  I quietly returned to my room.  I lay on my bed
contemplating what I had witnessed and what had been said
afterwards.  I had never really been spanked before, but it excited
me to think of getting it.  I would probably agree to it.. yes,
definitely I would.  My cock was stiff and I wanted to relieve the
urge, but thought better of it.  I wanted to see what would happen
during the rest of the day.

I waited for an hour or so and went down.  Both of them were outside
in the yard.  I hoped that my acting was good enough not to reveal
to them that I had heard what had happened.  I pretended that I had
slept and talked to them about little nothings for a while.  It was
gone nine and Uncle Don was cooking some meat and potatoes on the
barbeque.  We ate the food and then Uncle Don told us to go to bed. 
Uncle Don would be going to see his friend on the farm a few miles
away. He told us to be ready for breakfast at eight the following
morning. We both said goodnight and made our way up to our rooms. 

Jon's room was across the hallway from mine.  We heard Uncle Don
drive away.  I went into Jon's room. 

"How long will he be gone?" I asked because I was definitely  not
"Three or four hours I should think."

I sat on the edge of  Jon's bed.  He continued to undress as we
talked.  He removed his shirt and replaced it with another  which
must have been his night shirt. 

"What's it like to be famous?" I asked
"Don't know anything different, so I don't really know?"

He was pushing down his jeans.  I could see that he was wearing
boxers which he left on and sat next to me on the bed.

"How d'ya like the farm?" he asked
"Don't know yet. Looks as if it might be fun?"  We were just making
small talk. "Do you have to work all the time you are here?"
"Oh, no.  We have a lot of fun.  Work is only a few hours a day. 
Uncle Don has men who do most of the work with the horses and
stuff.  We go to places and do lots of interesting things.  I think
you'll like it.  I like it."
I wanted to get onto the subject of spankings, but didn't know how
to start.  Perhaps something will develop as we talk. 
"Tell me about yourself." He said.
I didn't want to bore him so I said a few things.  Then he broached
the subject.
"Are you well behaved at home, at school?"
"Mostly, I suppose."
"What happens when you misbehave?"
"Not much really.  I get moaned at a lot.  Nobody ever really
punishes me.  What about a famous guy like you?"
"I come here to receive discipline.  Basically I'm a spoiled brat. 
When I displease Uncle Don he deals with me."
"He uses various things to whip my fanny."
"Wow," I said, feigning surprise. "What sort of things?"
"Sometimes a stick, a slipper, a paddle. a belt.  Mostly his hand." 
John was a little red at making this confession but I acted as
naturally as I could. 
"Gosh.  Don't you hate him when he does that?"
"No.  I don't like getting it, but I know he really loves me.  It
makes me feel better once I have had it."
"How often do you get it?"
"Nearly every day I suppose.  He doesn't do it to cause me injury. 
The pain goes away after a little while.  When he uses his hand it's
gone almost straight away."
"Did you get it today?"  I already knew the answer.
"Yes.  I got a spanking on my butt with no protection."
"How many?"
"Fourteen I think."  He looked straight at me, "When you were in
I pretended to be thinking  but then asked, "Will he do it to me?"
"Probably, if you deserve it."
"Well, that will be interesting."
"Yeh," he said with a big smile. 
"Let me take a look at your butt." I said, "I want to see if he has
injured you."
Jon stood up and stood with his back to me.  I pulled down the back
of his shorts.  His bum was as white as it should have been.  No
marks.  No redness.  I pushed up his shorts once more.
"It looks ok to me, so I suppose I could take whatever he gives to
you if he gave it to me."  We both laughed.

The next thirty minutes included a lot of huffing and puffing as we
explored one another's cocks.  I was relieved of the load that had
been waiting for the last three hours.

The following morning I arrived for breakfast at about 8.15. 
Nothing was said as we ate our breakfast.  Afterwards Uncle Don said
to me, "Be in Jon's room in twenty minutes.  You will be watching
him get punished."

Uncle Don did not look up but I looked across at Jon who winked at
me with a sly look of seeming happiness on his face.   Nothing else
was said.  I went upstairs quite excited.  I tried to do a few
things in the waiting time but basically I was just a fidget.  Every
minute I looked at the clock watching for the time to go so that I
could see my new friend get it in the ass.  My imagination was
running rampant.  I had already seen and tasted his cock; would I
see it again?  How red would his bum be?  Would he be embarrassed
getting it in front of me, or would he be full of bravado? 

Eventually I made my way into Jon's room.  He was standing there
with nothing on but the briefest of briefs.  He had his legs apart
and his feet were behind his back.  The bulge in front of him looked
pretty nice.  His face was a little pink, but he winked at me again
as I came in.  Uncle Don followed behind me. 

"Good," he said to me, "Sit on the stool over there.  Jon has been a
badly behaved young man again so I am going to give him a good
beating." I sat down afraid that my eyes were too wide open and that
they might see that I was enjoying myself.  Uncle Don sat on a soft
armless chair.  Jon came and stood on his right hand side and kept
his feet apart in the same position as before.  "You know what this
is for don't you Jon?"

"Yes sir.  I was lazy and forgetful. And I'm very sorry."
"Good.  But sorry doesn't get you out of your punishment does it
"No sir."
"So, I will give you a session on the chair and then another over my
knee.  One lot for being lazy, the other for being forgetful."
Uncle Don stood up.  "Assume the position."
Jon moved around in front of the chair and knelt on it.  He
stretched his arms down the back of it so that his rump was standing
up in the air.  His white briefs made him look exceedingly
gorgeous.  Uncle Don moved on to the right hand side of Jon.  He
rested his hand on Jon's rump before he began to blast away.  I was
in paradise watching.  Uncle Don smacked away about twenty times. 
And I was almost forgetting that this was only the first half. 
Uncle Don stood up straight.
"Stand up again, Jon."  Jon got up from the chair.  His face was
red, but probably only from being in such an awkward position. 
Uncle Don sat down on the chair and Jon stood next to him as he had
before.  ""Remove those."  Uncle Don made a signal with his hand to
drag down Jon's briefs.  Jon pushed them down to his knees and then
steeped out of them.  His naked body was everything I knew it to
be.  He was among the most handsome young men of his day.  His long
penis hung down with it's finely chiselled cut.  His balls dangled
down low and swung as Jon took up his place next to Uncle Don. 
Uncle Don motioned with his head and Jon began the process of
stretching himself across the knees of the spanker.  His rear end
already looked quite red and there was a lot more to come.  The
spanking continued.  I could see Jon's face more easily this time
and saw that apart from sometimes closing his eyes he made no
expression at all.  In a way I was quite proud of him in that he
took his spankings so well. However, I also hoped that I would see
it again. I was in a dream when I realised that Jon was standing up
and collecting his briefs.  He put them on without a word.  Uncle
Don moved his eyes away from Jon and over to me.  I wondered what he
would ask, but I was to get quite a surprise. 
"Now it's your turn, Alex."
I must have looked bewildered.  However, I was not so foolish as to
say anything.
"You were late for breakfast this morning.  That will not go
I had to admit that he had me there.  So, he was testing the water
to see if I would take the spankings.  Or, had my new friend told
him what I had said last night about being prepared to receive
them.  Whatever was going on I would not resist. 
I stood up without a word.  I walked over towards the seat where
Uncle Don was looking at me impassively.  I stood in front of him
and put my feet apart and my hands behind my back.  Jon went and sat
on the stool where I had been . 

Uncle Don began to talk, "In this house you listen to instructions
and obey them every time. If not you are punished.  What are you
wearing under your jeans?"
"Briefs sir." I said realising that I had already caught Jon's habit
of calling him sir when undergoing a punishment session. 
"Good.  Move forward."  I moved a pace forward .  "Another step."  I
did as I was told and was now only a few inches from Uncle
Don.  "Continue to look straight ahead."  I did as I was told again,
but could see that he was now putting his hands out towards my
midriff.  He began to unbuckle my belt.   Then I could feel that he
was undoing the button at the top.  And then I felt the zipper going
down.  The zip and his hands brushed against my cock.  I hoped that
I wouldn't embarrass myself by getting some sort of erection.  In a
way I was probably already so embarrassed that I could not have gone
hard if I had wanted to.  I felt him tug down my jeans.  I was
wearing multi-coloured briefs my Mum had given me for my trip.  I
hope they were not too silly.  "Right, Alex, move around and lay
across like Jon did."  It was a struggle to walk with my jeans
around my knees.  But I made my way around.  I leaned forward and
rested my body over his knee.  My hands went down to the floor.  I
wanted to ask how many, but thought that it was better to keep
quiet.  I didn't want to provoke anything worse.  I turned my head
slightly and could see that Jon was watching with as much
fascination as I had watched him.  I felt Uncle Don's hand rest on
my butt.  I knew that when it left it would soon return to slap my
behind and redden it like never before.  What would it be like?  I
was scared.  I was thrilled.  I anticipated pain.  I felt excited. 
I was embarrassed.  I was proud of my body so I was glad to show it
off.  I desperately wanted to take it well like Jon had done.  I
mustn't look stupid and do anything like cry. 

I looked at the floor and decided to concentrate on one particular
part of the pattern of the carpet.  I felt a hard slap across my
rump.  It hurt ok but it was not so bad.  Then another, and
another.  Each one felt.. how could I describe it?  They felt NICE! 
I counted them in my head.  Twenty altogether.  Uncle Don had
finished and was inspecting his handiwork.  He told Jon to come over
and have a look at my red rump.  I lay there happy.  I had taken a
good whacking and had not made a mistake.  I could hold my head up
in front of Jon. 

As I got up and dressed myself Uncle Don told us he had to be away
all day.  He had left food.  Videos.  We could swim in the pool.  He
was trusting us not to do anything wrong.  But he ended by
saying, "I know you will do something.  So, when I get in at about
nine this evening expect another whacking each.  You will both
deserve it."
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