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Wild America Movie (STarring JTT Devon Sawa and Scott Bairstow)

And.....  Glory Days Series
Jon was tied in 1st the 1st week of the poll
Devon and Scott hasnt won yet but I'll update ya when they do.
Sunday Aug 11th 02
3 New Lists:
  The Boys Of 7th Heaven spanking Fan Fic and Pics
  The Boys of Home Improvement Spanking fanfic and Pics  Teen Idols Past and Present barefeet


Fan fic 1:
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This is based on the movie Wild America the boys go out on a trip trying to find the cave of bears and in this Fan Fic the boys find themseleves in a little trouble when a man with a gun comes running up to them (I'm Adding This scene its not in the movie but it would fit)
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Marshall Stouffer Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Mark Stouffer Devon Sawa
Marty Stouffer Jr.  Scott Bairstow
What are you doing here!!!!
Mark:Ah just looking....
Well there is nothing to look at here boys you are on private property
Marshell:I didnt see no sign
Are you blind!!!
Its right there at the gate that you all crashed
Marty:Well sorry bout that we will fix it
I bet you will
"Marshall:  What are you going to do to us
What is your name
I'm Marshall
And You in the Tee Shirt I'm Mark
And the other one
I'm Marty
Well Marty Marshall and Mark today isnt your lucky day
Marty:What does that mean
Get undressed
Mark:Are are not our boss
This gun says I am
Ok......ok....  Do what he says
I'll gess I'll start with you Marshall you look like the youngest turn around and spread them
He took off his belt
You will each get 10 licks
Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whasckkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk whackkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkk
Marty your next....  You know the drill
Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkk
Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Mark your next....
I dont have to:
Marty:Do it mark
Lisen to your brother
He did it but he didnt want to
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk
Why did you do that?
You are getting extra now take it like a man
You mouthed me want me?
No I'm be quite just get it over with
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I thought you was going to be quite I was going to quit but I think that deserves 5 more
Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whacvkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Now I want you boys to get that gate fixed
Can we have our clothes
No I'm taking them with me so you wont leave  I will be back in an hour
We wont leave
I know you wont
So give us our clothes
In an hour and have that gate fixed you its round 2 for you guys and round two will be alot worst
An hour later........


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