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Eric Close

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Fan Fic 1:
I was looking at the mesages and saw this fan fic on a different site this one is great
Congrats to the writer if your on here post any yime :-)
From:  "Wolfie _" <wolf_pyre@h...>
Date:  Tue Jun 25, 2002  7:30 pm
Subject:  Missing Scene: Truly Magnificent (Nettie and Vin)
Okay, since I figured it would be a while before I finish my next True fic
and I probably wont have Nettie spank Vin in it...I decided to write the
"missing scene" from "Truly Magnificent" since everyone seemed so interested
in it. It picks up after the part where Nettie catches Vin and the boys
betting on True's punishment.

Well? Ezra asked when Vin returned to the living room.

Pay up!

What? Ya mean she took a spankin? What kinda kid chooses that? Buck yelled
as he handed 5 dollars to Vin.

The kind of kid who realizes that the pain from a spanking only lasts a day
at the most. Chris responded as he took 5 dollars from JD. Sounds a lot
better than 2 weeks of chores to meat least after its all over.

Ya knew shed choose the spankin? Didnt ya? Buck accused.

Vin was about to reply when he was interrupted by a stern voice. Vin
Tanner! Ya should be ashamed of yourself gamblin' on Christmas Day!

Nettie? Vin squeaked out. I thought ya left already?

Its a good thing I didnt. She nailed each of the boys with a stern
glare. Behavin' like this on the lords day an bettin' over Trues
punishmentI should take a strap ta all of ya.

Chris glared right back. Nettie

Ya can just point that glare somewheres else, Chris Larabee. Ya know it
dont scare me.

Vin couldnt stop the laugh from slipping out. He paled when Nettie moved
closer to him. Think thats funny do ya?

No maam. Vin replied quickly.

She shifted her gaze to Ezra, Buck and JD. Aint none of ya too big for me
ta tan yer britches. Ya jist remember that. She smoothed her dress down.
Now, all of ya hand over yer winnins.

Nettie collected the money and turned to Josiah. Mr. Sanchez, these
gentlemen have decided to take up a collection. She handed him the money.
Please add this to your donation box.

Yes maam.

Aw Nettie that aint fair! Vin complained.

Was for True. She said as she took his arm and started leading him to the
kitchen. Now, me an you are gonna have us a little discussion.

But ya aint gonna do nothin ta the others. He whined.

Them others aint like a son ta me. Now git! She swatted his rear.


Nettie led Vin straight through the kitchen and out to the small woodshed
behind the boardinghouse.

What in all thats holy did ya think ya were doin in there? Nettie asked
angrily once they were inside.

We was jist havin some fun.

Gamblin! Ya were gamblin on the Lords day! An ta top it all off ya were
bettin on Trues punishment!

Vin shifted his feet nervously. He really hated it when Nettie got all
riled. Now Nettie calm down

Dont ya go tellin me what ta do young man! She looked him directly in
the eyes. Since ya seemed ta find True gettin spanked so funny, ya can
share in her punishment. Give me your belt.

W-what? Vin stuttered.

Ya heard me.

Aw cmon Nettiethe guys are right insidetheyll hear fer sure.

Ya didnt seem ta care about them hearin True.

But Trues a childIm an adult.

Not ta me ya arentespecially when ya go do somethin like ya did tonight.
She pushed him farther into the shed. Now, give me your belt. When Vin
didnt move she turned him around and swatted his backside twice in rapid

OW! OUCH! Nettie!

Vin Tanner if I gotta get that belt myself Im gonna let the boys watch.

Vins head snapped up. Ya wouldnt!

Try me!

Vin stared at Nettie and sighed in resignation. He knew if he continued to
fight her shed make good on her threat. He slowly undid his belt, pulled it
through the loops and handed it to Nettie.

Now, dropem an bend yourself over that stack there.

Vin paled. Dropem? He squeaked out.


Vin blushed as he lowered his pants an bent over. His humiliation was
complete when Nettie undid the flap on his drawers. Now, why am I tannin
your hide?

Cause I gambled on the Lords day an bet on Trues punishment.

Thats right. Nettie said and let the first lash fall. An why else? She
asked as she continued to bring the belt down.

OW! OUCH! Cause I-I didnt do what yaOW! t-tole me when we come
outOUCH!out h-here.

Ya know bettern ta disobey me. The belt rose and fell five more times.
Are we gonna have ta have this conversation again?

NoOW!No maam. OUCH!

Nettie let three more licks fall before putting the belt down. She helped
Vin rearrange his clothing before pulling him into a hug and holding until
he got himself under control. I dont wanna have ta do this again, got me?

Yes maam.

Good. She kissed his cheek. Now, I want ya ta go up ta your room an go ta

But NettieOW!

What was that?

Vin groaned. Yes maam.

Six pair of eyes turned on Vin when he entered the living room. It was
obvious to the what happened. Before anyone could open their mouths to tease
him, Nettie spoke.

I hear bout any of ya teasin him youll get twice what he did.

Six mouths snapped shut. All of them knew Nettie was a woman who kept her
promises. They werent about to end up in the same condition as Vin.

Good. Now, I suggest all a ya go ta bed.

The men hesitated for a moment.

NOW! Nettie yelled. Seven men practically tripped over themselves to get
upstairs. Netite let out a soft laugh. Aint so tough now are they?

I watched as Vin winced when he sat down.

Ya all right? I asked.

Vin rolled over on his stomach. Been better.

Ya look hurtwhat happened?

Nothin happened. Go ta sleep. He growled.

Suddenly it dawned on me. Nettie strapped ya didnt she?

Vin groaned. Yep. An if ya know whats good fer ya youll jist forgit bout
it an go ta sleep.

I smiled. Hurts dont it?

Vin rolled onto his side. Ya want me ta give ya a taste a what Nettie gived

No sir. I answered quickly.

Then go ta sleep.

Yes sir. I stifled a giggle. Goodnight Vin.
Fan fic 2:
Based On:Dark Skies
Actor:Eric Close John Loengard
He is being spanked by:His wife
Megan Ward .... Kimberly Sayers
See Attached Pic for a mood setting:
John I saw you looking at the other woman today
I was not I was just trying to get everything in order and get those aliens out of our way to save the world
Yeah thats what they all say LOL
She got off his belt
What are you going to do whip me with that belt LOL
Yep How'd ya guess LOL
He got up on the couch barefoot no you are not!!!!!!!!
I'm not a child
Act like you and I'll treat ya like one
She unbuttoned his pants threw them in the corner and ripped off his shirt and got on top of his legs and forced him face down
I cant move get OFF!!!!!!
Crack Crack Crack Crack
That belt went across his bare back
Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack
STOP IT!!!!!  GET OFF WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crack Crack Crack Crack
Now she ripped off his boxers threw the belt in the floor
Slap Slap Slap her hand on his bare butt  Slap Slap Slap
Now get up and the next time I see you look at another woman......
The following day..................
Someone take it over from here

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