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from the movie Great Expectations
Robert De Niro .... Prisoner Arthur Lustig
Arthur just exscaped from prison and the first person he meets in young Finn he tells him not to scream but guess what he does
He was just a young boy relaxing out in the water and taking a swim when out of no where appeared a man
Who are you?
Someone you dont wanta cross boy
I'm really scared......
You should be now if you scream you dont want what I will do
He let out a loud scream but no one heard him
I told you not to scream didnt I
yes but I did it anyway
Smart Alec he grabbed his arm and got him out the water pulled down his shorts and........
Whacvkkkkkkkk  WHaCKKKKKKKKKKK  Whavvkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whaccckkkkkkkkkkkk  whacvkckkkkkkkk
OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop It!!!!!!!!!!
Whacvvkvvvvkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
He stopped at 15
Now I want you to take me somewhere no one can find me
why should I
You want more....
No no.........  But if my dad finds you I will get it worst than you just gave me
For a week he carried his food out to his secret spot in the woods
His dad started to wonder what young Finn was up to
One day he followed him and.................
Someone take it over from  here

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