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Jason hasnt won yet but he will and when he does I'll update ya :-)



Fan Fic 1:
This was sent in by bigal19602000@yahoo.com   I done a couple of adjustments to it
Jesse was at the doctor's home,after almost torture to dealth by a
mad guard name Tom,The doc(Joe) saw what happen to Jesse a took hime
away after Joe heard about Tom what hime to be place at his home so
he could torture,rape,other thing,but Joe beat him to the
punch,Jesse took months to recover.Everybody like Jesse and was nice
to him and told him that they wanted to make Jesse a part of the
family,but Jesse didn't trust them because he heard all that over
and over again,he just didnot trust any old people because that said
one thing and done the other,Jess finally recover so Joe sent him
school. Jesse was doing ok for months,one of the coachs find out he
could throw a mean baseball,and swim fast, so Jess was washing up
and then the coach(mike)told him togo to his office now so jesse
did.Mike came in there a saw Jesse's nice looking butt,Jesse just
had a towel on Mike set down and said you are the fastest
swimmer he ever timed for his age and he wanted Jesse to go on the
team starting next monday,but Jesse said no,Mike said you will
because if you don't i will make you live here a living hell.Jesse
said i have to go and get dress and go home,so he did.The next day
Mike again call him to his office and aked him again to join the
team again he said no,and Jess left.Jesse was walking home and then
10 guys his age and older grab him and took him to a big house ,they
took him to a room,and they held his arms behind his back,then the
oldest boy walk up to him and said what Mike wants he gets,are you
going to join the team,being a hardhead he said no,the oldest boy
told the other to strip him&they did,The oldest then reachout a grab
him ,another boy said we
should get down to business,they pick Jesse up and took him to a
sawhorse and tie his arm and legs up, all the boys grab a paddle but
the oldest one pick up an cane,two boy at a time started to spanked
Jesse butt so hard his feet lelf the ground every time they hit
him ,Jesse scream was loud,they spank him over and
over ,whoosh ,whoosh ,each boy got to spanked Jesse 20 times,this
went on for hours after all 9 boy got finsh they when to the another
room,a few hours later they all came back in and watch as the oldest
and strongest took the cane and hit Jesse butt so hard,the pain was
so bad and Jesse scream was deathing,after the first time he passout
but they woke him up and started to cane him again 50 time after
that Jesse passout again ,when he came to, all the boy was naked and
watching the tape they make of the spanking,the oldest one  walk up
to Jesse grab his ball hard and said Jesse this is justthe
beganing ,then all the boy walked up to Jesse ,and they were all
naked,the oldest one said Jesse now we are going to do what we want
to do to you,The oldest boy and the another started in on Jesse all
the other people heard the screaming,The next day Jesse came too,
and the oldest boy make him watch on tape what was done to him,jesse
was crying,the oldest boy grab him by the hair said if you join the
team they willnot show the tape at school,Jesse justwrimper ,the
oldest said we will give you a few day to recover and said yes
toMike or the next time we will send for ours father to help with
the spanking and the another stuff we did to you and next time
everything goes ...The end of (2)
Fan Fic 2:
This is a fan fic based on Free willy
See attached pic
Jesse was laying down in bed Glen took him to do some chores but when he arrived and seen they wasn;t done he went looking for Jesse
Now Jesse I really do love you and I want you to be apart of this family but being apart of this family means doing chores from time to time
I know.....
so what was you doing anyway
Playing with willie
Well Willie is fine but the chores come first
What are you going to do to me........
I'm going to have to teach ya a lesson Jesse you are going to be spanked now come lay over my knee
Smackkkkkkkkkkkkk  OW!!!!!!!  Smackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Thats hurts!!!!!!!!  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  SWmackkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  Smavkkkkkkkkkk
Now when I come home tommorrow I want ALL the chores done OK
He was rubbing his butt as he walked out the door
Man that hurt!!!!
The very next day...........
Someone take it over from here

Fan Fic 3:
From:  "bigal19602000" <bigal19602000@y...>
Date:  Tue Jun 25, 2002  11:48 pm
Subject:  JESSE (freewilly) Part1,

This before he freewilly or meet the Greenwoods. Jesse was sent to
they call it grouphome but it more like a jail, the 1st day he told
take his clothes off and put everything in lockup,he take to the
shower to boe wash off,after that he was place in a cell still nude
and then one of the people came at him with a paddle .he told Jesse
to bendover and dn't make a sound but jesse knows so he try torun but
he was grab and his arm were tie to one of the rodes hang from the
roof&he was pull up so that stand on tiptoes. The men grab him by his
hair and said you are going to treach a lesson that we are in charger
of you and you will do every thing we said too do or you will feel
this pain everyday untill you learn. The men raise his arm with the
paddle (made out baseballbat WE all know about those) and as hard as
he could the paddle hit Jesse butt so hard his wholebody move&jesse's
yells was so loud everybody hear it, again,again the paddle hit that
ass ,Jesse yelled so much he couldnot yelled any more ,he just
moan,but the men keep beat his butt until the men arm grow tire and
then someone eles took over Jesse passout weny he came to,the man all
them told this it overyet boy,Jesse legs were spread a part  THE END OF PART1

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