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Fan Fic 1:
Remember the Home Alone Kid :-)
well here;s a pic based on his true life family
See attached pic :-)
You think your funny dont ya kid
Yeah dad just goofing
Well get that cig out of your mouth NOW!!!
it goes with the outfit
I'm going to show you what goes with the outfit
He took off his suit and the rest of his clothes and put him over his knee
Smacvk OW!!!!!!  Smack Stop!!!!!!!  Smackkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkk  OW!!!!!!!!!  Smackkkkkkkkk  That hurts Smackkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Smackkkkkkkkkkk  smackkkkkkkk
by 25 his mom walked in and..............
Someone take it over from here

Mac Culkin

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