C Thomas Howell


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Fan fic 1:
This is a fan fic based on The Outsiders one of Christopher's eariler films
C. Thomas Howell .... Ponyboy Curtis
Matt Dillon .... Dallas Winston
Ralph Macchio .... Johnny Cade
Patrick Swayze .... Darrel Curtis
Rob Lowe .... Sodapop Curtis
Emilio Estevez .... Two-Bit Matthews
Tom Cruise .... Steve Randle
Glenn Withrow .... Tim Shepard
Diane Lane .... Cherry Valance
Leif Garrett .... Bob Sheldon
Darren Dalton .... Randy Anderson
Michelle Meyrink .... Marcia
Tom Waits .... Buck Merrill
Gailard Sartain .... Jerry
William Smith (I) .... Store Clerk



Hey you!


Yeah what do you want Darrel


What did I tell you bout this room

To clean it

Why didnt ya

Cause I didnt want to plus I was busy

doing what?

Other things things that you wasnt

Ok more smarting get those pants down

Make me

You want me to make you



He chased him around the room for bout an hour and the finally caught him got on top on him and pinned him now took off his pants and Took his belt off


Crackkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Caxckkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkk  crackkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkk


Stop it!!!!!

Stand up

He did now bend over


Crackkkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkk  Craxckkkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkk  Crackkkkkkkkkkk  crackkkkkkkkkkk  crackkkkkkkkkk crackkkkkkkk  crackkkkkkkkk crackkkkkkkk


He ran off in tears................


Someone take it over from here

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