Richard Lee Jackson


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Richard Lee Jackson hasnt won any polls yet but I done this fan fic and put it up if he wins I'll update ya plus there will be new fanfic if he does :-)
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This fan fic is based On saved By The Bell the new class Also starring...
Robert Sutherland Telfer .... Scott Erickson (1993-1994)
Isaac Lidsky .... Barton 'Weasel' Wyzell (1993-1994)
Jonathan Angel .... Tommy 'D' De Luca (1993-1996)
Natalia Cigliuti .... Lindsay Warner (1993-1996)
Bianca Lawson .... Megan Jones (1993-1995)
Bonnie Russavage .... Vicki Needleman (1993-1994)
Dennis Haskins .... Principal Richard Belding
Dustin Diamond .... Samuel 'Screech' Powers (1994-2000)
Sarah Lancaster .... Rachel Meyers (1994-1997)
Christian Oliver .... Brian Keller (1994-1995)
Spankee Rogers .... Robert 'Bobby' Wilson (1994-1995)
Richard Lee Jackson .... Ryan Parker (1995-1998)
Salim Grant .... R.J. 'Hollywood' Collins (1995-1996)
Samantha Becker .... Maria Lopez (1995-2000)
Ben Gould (I) .... Nicky Farina (1996-2000)
Lindsey McKeon .... Katie Peterson (1996-2000)
Anthony Harrell .... Eric Little (1996-2000)
Ashley Lyn Cafagna .... Liz Miller (1997-2000)
Tom Huntington .... Tony Dillon (1998-2000) (as Tom Wade Huntington)
Mr belding was making his ways down the hall and he saw Ryan standing by his locker with this look what Did I do now as he saw Mr Belding looking straight at him
In a stern Voice Ryan Parker is my OFFICE NOW!!!!!!
He was scared to walk in because he could tell by that voice he was in for it but he made his way into that little office and sat in the chair
Dont set stand!!!
OK>....... Whatever........
Dont give me no lip young man I called your parents too They want you home as soon as school hours is over Your mom's exact words was tell that biy he is in BIG Trouble
What did I do this time
It isnt what you dont its want you didnt do
You didnt study for your math exam you made an F and if you dont pass the next 4 tests you will fail You didnt show up for school yesterday I called you mom checking up on you because you missed 4 DAYS she said she knew nothing bout it You almost got into a fight in the lunch room today dont think I didnt noticed
But what
Got anything esle to add
Yes but Isnt that enough for now
I would say so.........  So what are you going to do give me detention
I've tried that its doesnt work
Bend over young man he lifted up his shirt tail took out the large paddled in his desk
Now get to class and I better not see you in here again today.............
Someone take it over from here

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