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This was sent in by bigal
He was just finsh shooting JP3.he was after months of shooting the
movie and he was back to school,the day was easy and everything was
going good,so he went home with some friend to catch up with school
work.His friend was taking about a chic(cindy) that was in his
history class  all the boys take about what they will do to
her,after that his friend went home and he was left alone so he
think about what they was talking about,Trev took out a porn
magazine saw a female that look like cindy in his history class,his
dick started to get hard so he pull off his pants and wrap his hand
around his dick started jerk it up and down over,over in his mind he
was doing her after awhile he came,he lookup and saw his mother
standing there,she said what in the hell you are doing,that is sick
and will make sure you didn't that sick stuff again(you see she grow
up in home were any dealing withsex was a no no)in my house so she
grab trev by his arm and flip him over ,he was half on and off the
bed she took the belt from trev's pants and start whipping he butt
over and over again for the next 30 min ,Trevor was screaming and
crying when she stop his butt was black and blue,she flip him around
again and grab his ear and said the next time i have to do this i
will take a strap to you do you unstand me now?Trev just said
yes ,boy clean youself and the bed,trev just lay there crying ,His
father came home and when trev told him what mon did,his father went
up and talk to his wife ,about spanking the willie,he said would you
rather for him to have sex with a girl,or spank the willie,to
release his lust at lease with spanking the willie he would be safe
from catching any disease that are around and would be a release
went he get that socall lustfull feeling again,His father told her
if she spank him again he would take him away,you puish kid for
doing some wrong not for doing what every male and female did at
some point in their lives,she said ok,and went back to trev. room
were he was in the bathroom put some stuff on his ass to make it
feel better,she walk up to him and grab him by his hair and said if
you tell any one about what goes on in this house i will send you to
uncle fred and you know how he is don.t you boy ,all she could hear
was wrimper from trev because the last time he was there uncle fred
did some bad thing to him and another kid  that was there THaT AlL
FoR NoW END OF Part 1.

Fan Fic 2: Sent in by bigal
Trevor was late for school again and wanted tobe late for one class
room because of David,David was mad at Trevor because Trevor won a
role in a movie,the same role that David's son try for,so David just
hate Trev because of that,David decided to get Trev back,he son(Dave)
also wanted to get Trevor back.David use everything he could including
giving evrything he turn in a f or a o grade that way in the end he
would have the last word and would be in position to get Trevor back.
Trevor try to get at his disk but David said Trevor you are late again
goto Mr Steve office now,he handed a paper to Trevor ,go on boy.Trevor
got to Mr.Steve office,Steve said come in here and set down,Steve
look at all the times he was late and said what are we going to do
about this? Trevor said you could remove me from Mr.David,s classroom,
David have it in for me!everytime i give him my homework he give me a
F. Steve said that bull shit boy you screw up now it time for your
punishment you will spent 2 hrs in Mr.David classroom doing anything
he say to do for 1 month.Trevor said just send me to the hall(a in -
school jail more or less) Steve said that will be to easy,in life you
will have to work with people you hate,that the fact of life kido.
After that Trevor was sent to his next class ,at lunch his friend
said that Mr David was a homo and that the onlt reason he wanted
Trevor to be there was to screw him,Trevor said that's bullshit you'll
trying to scare me! After school Trevor started to just leave,but
David was at the door,said if you leave,yours time with me will
increase.Trevor was walking to the classroom,he was thinking about
what the boys said about Mr.David,Trevor enter the classroom and saw
10 more kid there,so he was relieve. David say Trevor came here and
strip,Trevor look around and said please don't make me do this,David
walk up to him and pull down his pants and undies and then took off
his shirt and( made Trevor put his hands on top of his head and grab
him by the neck and show him toeverybody in that classroom,some of
the girl and some boys took picture ),Then David move Trevor to the
desk and made him put his hands on the desktop and said don't move or
you will get more,so Trev just stand there,David came back with  what
look like a baseball bat but it was just paddle made from a baseball
bat.David said for today i will give you 30 for being good and doing
what i said to do. David took both handand with 1 hit,Trevor's feet
left the ground and Trevor let out a yell so loud that every body
could hear it,Trevor was crying and say please stop please,then
anorther one came down, Trevor screaming and morn and crying then one
over and over and over 30 time after about 15 time Trevor lost his
voice all he could do is morn and whimmper ahh
After David was finsh with Trevor he was force to set on his black
and blue butt, and then he saw David spanking 5or 6 more of the kids
After that David walk up to Trevor and grab him by his hair and said
the next day you will be gag and tie down and i will have 2 or 3
people who wants to spank and movie star oh hell Trevor i might have
more then that and they will be able to spank you with any thing they
want to with,Trevor put his face in his hands at start to cry more
The End of Story (2)

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