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Title: The RECIPE For A Spanking             author: Valerie
content: spanking                                         summary: what
happens when Jason decides to steal a couple of jars of the recipe and
experiment in drinking?                                disclaimer: I do
not own any characters in this. They belong to whoever has rights to The

Jason Walton was one very bored 15 year old right now. He had decided to
go with his grandfather Zeb Walton to visit some of their neighbors,
Miss Emily and Miss Mamie the Baldwin sisters.
The Baldwin sisters were famous on Walton's Mountain for "The Recipe"
which was actually moonshine that they made there in their home. Their
father having left everything to make it, and the recipe with them when
he died.              Jason had thought that this was just gonna be a
short visit, so he had asked to go with his grandfather. Plus he had
ulterior motives. To get ahold of a couple of jars of the recipe, and
meet his friend Garry at the pond to fish, and have their first taste of
the recipe. He could tell however this trip was gonna be longer than he
thought, because Miss Mamie had now mentioned getting some of the recipe
for some refreshment. However that was when Jason saw his chance. The
ladies had gotten out three jars of the recipe. One for grandpa and them
to enjoy now, and two they were giving to grandpa for him to have later.
As they went into the living room they opened one jar to pour three
cups, sitting the other two jars on the table. It was at that time Jason
loudly cleared his throat to get their attention, and all three adults
turned to look.                                           "Grandpa, if
it's alright I'm gonna go now. Garry and I were planning on doing some
fishing this afternoon" said Jason.
"Well run on along then. I sure would love a mess of fish for supper
anyway. But I would prefer the company of two beautiful ladies than two
teenage boys and some fish this afternoon" replied grandpa.
As the adults sat drinking the recipe and talking Jason started on his
way out and unseen by the three adults in the room was able to get both
jars of the recipe that were on the table hidden under his jacket before
leaving.                           Twenty minutes later found Jason
getting to the pond fishing pole in hand. Garry was already there
impatiently waiting for him.                         "What took so
long?" asked Garry                       "Well I did have to go to the
Baldwin's with grandpa to be able to get any of the recipe. And I had to
make sure I got out with it without being seen." answered Jason as he
pulled out the two jars of the recipe that were hidden under his jacket.
*****************Later ThatEvening**************** Three hours later it
was supper time at the Walton house, and no sign of Jason. At that time
a very angry looking Zeb Walton came through the back door.
"Any of you seen Jason?" asked grandpa.          "No, pa we haven't. But
he should be along here soon. He knows it's supper time and not to be
late." replied John Walton, then he continued, "Besides I thought Jason
was at the Baldwin's with you."
"Oh he was. Then he left to go fishing with Garry, or so he said." Zeb
answered his son, not knowing if he should say more just yet about the
missing jars of the recipe, that he and the Baldwin sisters had not
noticed until right before Zeb was leaving.
"Why would you think that he wasn't fishing if he told you he was?"
asked Zeb's daughter-in-law Olivia, as she finally sat down at the table
with the rest of the rather large Walton clan, minus Jason. It looked as
if he was gonna be late after all.
"Well Livvie, now don't you go getting mad at the boy just yet when I
tell you this, because I don't know for sure that it was him who took
it," started grandpa before being interrupted by Olivia.
"Took what?" answered Livvie wanting some answers as to why grandpa
would even think of accusing Jason of taking anything and lying.
"Let me finish" said grandpa then continued,"Just as the Baldwin's were
bringing out some of the recipe he told me he was gonna go on so he and
Garry could go fishing. Now the Baldwin's had brought out three jars of
the recipe one for us then, and two they sat on the table to give to me
when I came home. When I got ready to leave we noticed the two jars on
the table were gone. He was the only other person in the house" answered
grandpa.   Just as Olivia was gonna protest the back door flew open and
Jason could be heard singing, a slightly off key and very slurred
version of "Your Cheating Heart" not even paying any attention to the
rest of his family sitting there in shock at their brother in this
drunken state he walked to his mother pulled her up, and tried to dance
her around the kitchen while still singing.                  "Your
cheatin heart, will tell on you," he sang very slurred and trying to
stay on his feet while dancing his mother around the kitchen, finally
tripping and falling to the floor puling Livvie with him.
"Jason Walton! What is the meaning of this? Coming home drunk, and after
you told your grandpa you were going fishing with Garry" said Olivia
very upset now after she had gotten to her feet, and helped Jason to his
feet.                 "But Mama, Garry and I did go fishing at the pond.
See what I caught?" he said, handing her a glass jar that reeked of what
she knew was the recipe with only two very small fish in it, as he
continued, "I guess you could say we gathered at the river" he said then
starting in singing a drunken version of Shall We Gather At the River
"Shall weeeee, gatherrrrr attt thhhhe rivvvverrrr!"
Now Olivia was really seeing red. Not only had Jason stolen those two
jars of the recipe, and then come home drunk, but now he had the nerve
to stand there singing a church hymn while drunk.
"I'll make you think gathering at the river!" said Olivia, grabbing
Jason by an ear and dragging him out the door to the yard. Once out
there she cut a very firm sturdy looking switch, and started back to the
house all landing swats to Jason's bottom with the switch the whole way.
Once back inside she sat in the first chair she came to, unbuttoned
Jason's pants pulled them down to his knees then pulled him over her
knee. As she started to undo the flap on the back of his long underwear
Jason was already begging.
"Noooo! Mamma, please not the switch. Please, not on my bare bottom."
After lowering the flap Livvie started in. She had only landed two swats
with the switch however when Jason started yelling. But this time not
from the pain.
"Mammma, please let me up. Please I don't feel so good. Mammmma please,
I think I'm gonna be sick." said Jason trying his best to squirm free of
Livvie's grasp. Livvie noting the desperation in his tone released a
very pale looking Jason from her grasp and helped him to his feet. She
quickly buttoned the flap on his long underwear, and started to pull his
pants back up when he took off running for the back door, and emptied
the contents of his stomach in the grass right outside the back door.
Olivia knowing that Jason was now sick, and that his body now was gonna
punish him far worse than any whipping she could give him went ahead and
put the switch down, and went to the table to finish her supper. When
Jason came back into the kitchen still very pale looking at first no one
said a word. There was a tense silence until John spoke to his son.
"Upstairs, get into your pajamas, and bed NOW!" said John.
Jason not wanting to further anger his parents quickly made his way to
the stairs. As he got to the bottom of the stairs grandpa spoke up.
"Jason, tomorrow morning you and I will be making a trip over to the
Baldwin's and you will apologize for taking those jars of the recipe.
And after that you and I are gonna have a very long talk picking up
where your Mama left off" he said.
"Oh no" groaned Jason under his breath, as he made his way upstairs.
Already dreading immensely the next day.

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