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This is a fan fic site for the guys of 7th Heaven
David Won the 1st week
And Barry WON the 5th Week
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Sunday Aug 11th 02
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Fan fic 6:Simon
writer's block huh........  :-)

where let's see I might can help ya since I left off on the bus maybe you
should start at the school Simon was making fun and mocking the bus driver
and rubbing his sore butt as he walked away from the bus the bus driver
didn't hear him but the principal did

Cool I'm really getting into this maybe I will go from here :-)

The principal acted like he didn't hear at first so just played it cool for
a bit he wanted to embarrass him some

the school bell ring and then the final bell everyone was setting in the
class room when Mr Adams got on the speaker

Simon was getting setting in homeroom getting some last minuite homework
done he needed for the 1st period class he has a 10 page report done in
English and he only had 5 done he was goofing off too much last night went
out with some friends when he should had been doing his homework.

Mr Adams came over the speaker.  Good Mourning everyone hope you have a
great day at school today.  I would like to see the following student in my
office please Simon Camden.

Simon was scared to think what he wanted Was he going to get another
spanking was he going to call his dad What was going to happen His homework
wasnt finish today was just going to be one of those days.

He took up his belongs and walked into the office the secretary Miss Bliss
told him to just wait in the seat the principal will be with him in just a

That was the longest wait even thought it was only a minuite to simon it was
an hour.

Mr Adams called him into the office and had him to set down

Simon's eyes started to tear up

Tell me son why was your mocking the bus driver this mourning Did you get in
trouble on the bus The bus drivers are here to help you and I've already
told them if a student misbehaves who whatever you feel fit Everyone alround
here knows my favorite punishment is the paddle I have this wooden paddle in
my desk that has holes in it the holes make it hurt worst

As he described the paddle fear came upon his face he was never paddled by
Mr Afams before he was paddled but not by him and his friends already told
him you havent got paddled until you have been paddled with that paddle.

He took the paddle out of his desk

Know he was really getting scared he goes my worst fear is before me he

You see all of these names these are young brat boys just like you that
mouthed off to teachers and bus drivers that was paddled

Is my name going to be on there

Yes you wanta sign it now or afterwards

I'm bout ready to get the worst paddling of my life and he's talking bout
names he thought to himself but then he wanted to say wait til afterwards
but sometimes when you are thinking something it just comes out........

You are talking bout names on a stupid paddle while I sat here scared to

You mouthing me boy!

Sorry sir it just came out he said in a scared voice

It doesnt matter that your sorry bend over young man and lift up that blue
tee shirt of yours it stings worst


No buts just do it!  Oh by the way you are getting extra for mouthing!!!!!

Whack Whack Whack Whack

With each Whack getting harder and with each smack he started to cry

Whack Whack Whack   Whack Whack Whack Whack

Smack Smack Smach

Whoash Whoash

Stop it!!!!!  It hurts Enough already!!!!

I will tell ya when its enough

Whack Whack Whack

Now for the extras Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack

Now that was enough

Take this pen and sign this and date it and put a few extra stars by it I
will be seeing you again I can see that in my future

Now go to class you are late for your 1st period class I hope all of your
homework is done I hate to see you in here again today because I wont be as

It is He knew he was lying but feared getting the paddle again if he told
him the turth.  His friends was right that was the worst that was is first
paddling by him and hopfully his last.

Now go to your class Simon I gotta make a phone call..........

Someone take off from this point :-)

Fan Fic 7:Simon and Matt
I will make a try.After his paddling, Simon made it through the rest of the school day without any more trips to the office, even though he failed to finish his homework.   When school finally let out, Simon was surprised to see his oldest brother Matt waiting for him in his car.Matt yelled at Simon to get in. When Simon sat down, Matt could see his brother was in some discomfort, and snickered.  "Have some trouble in school today, little brother?" Matt asked with a grin. Simon snapped back that everything was fine, and to leave him alone. As they drove upthe drive way, Matt told Simon that dad wanted to see him in his study.  As Simon walked into the house, he looked back to see Matt watching him with an evil grin.  Simon walked up to the study door,and knocked.  "Come in Simon" Rev. Camden said in a calm,but stern voice.  "I received a call from your principal this afternoon, and it seems you have been giving him, and your bus driver alot of trouble". Simon looked down, and quietly said he was very sorry.  His dad said that he wanted to make sure he was sorry, and with that, he undid his belt,  ordered Simon to pull down his pants and underwear, and to bend over the front of his desk.  Just as the first lick was to come down, Simon begged his dad not to whip his bottom, because he had already received a bare bottom whipping, and paddling. His dad told him, that they had done a good job on his bare bottom, but his bottom was just not red enough for what Simon deserved.  With that Rev.Camden brought down his belt across Simon'salready sore bottom. Simon howled as his dad kept applying the belt,nonstop, across his tender bottom.  Finally, the whipping stoppedwith Simon's barebottom a very glowing red, and Simon sobbing.  Rev.Camden hugged Simon, and told him to start behaving in school.  As Simon walked out of the study, he hadn't quite pulled up his pants, so Matt, who had been listening at the door, got to see how red his barebottom was. "That is the reddest bare butt I have ever seen" laughed Matt.  All Simon could do was to try and get his pants over his sore bottom.  AsMatt laughed, Rev. Camden put his arm around Matt's shoulder.  "Oh I don't know Matt, YOU might have a much redder bare bottom then Simon".  Matt's mouth dropped wide open at his his dad's comment. "Simon's principal wasn't the only one who called me today. Officer Buckner called me, and told me that my oldest son had received 2 speeding tickets this week".  Simon snickered as a stunned Matt was ushered into dad's study.   Simon quickly pulled up ispants, and snuck over to take a peek.  He was just in time to see hishigh school older brother, Matt, dropping his pants, and underwear,bending over the front of the  desk.  " This is going to be fun"Simon said to himself, as his dad raised his belt over Matt's barebottom.                Someone take it now.
Fan fic 8: Matt
I'm going to try again.  I have noticed alot of words were put together.  I did try to seperate them, but it keeps coming out messed up. 

I loved the part of Matt really getting spanked, and then spanking Simon.  When you left off, Matt was trying to cool his sore bottom in the shower, where he cussed out loud, and his mom heard him.

"Youngman you know how I feel about cussing" as she gives naked Matt a hard swat across his bare bottom.  "OW! mom stop, I already got a good spanking from dad, and my bottom is really sore, please hand me my towel, mom's shouldn't see their teenage sons naked," Matt protested as he tried to cover himself.  His mom snapped back,"Listen Matt you have really been actting up lately, and seem to think that you don't have  follow rules.  I'm glad your father tanned your bare bottom, but I think you need to learn that moms can give hard spankings too!  Just outside the bathroom, Simon was also wanting to take a cool shower to help his sore bottom, and walked in to see if Matt was done.  He walked in just in time to see his mom take a naked Matt, by his ear, sit down, and put Matt over her knee, and start spanking his bare bottom.  "Mom what did Matt do?" Simon said with a grin.  Not missing a spank, Mom explained how she heard Matt cuss coming out of the shower.   Soon his dad stopped by asking the same question, and Simon informed him what Matt had done, in a loud voice so he could be heard over Matt's yelps, pleas, and crys.  "Honey, you are doing a fantastic job" Eric said to his wife.  "Yes, his bare bottom is getting nice and red, but my hand is getting sore" Annie says stopping for a minute.  "I know just the thing you need mom" Simon said with a very evil look on his face, and he went to the bathroom sink, and got Matt's big hairbrush.  As Simon walked in front of a horrorified Matt, he tells his older brother, "You know Matt these big brushes can be used in lots of ways other than to comb your long hair".
All Matt can say is "WAIT! NO NOT THAT! NOT ON MY BARE BOTTOM! PLEASE NO! "Thank you honey" mom says as Simon gives her the brush, and then she really starts in on Matt's squirming bare bottom.  Matt's eyes get wide, and he really starts to cry hard at the intense sting of his own hairbrush.   Finally, mom sets Matt lose, and he grabs his very red bottom, and does a little dance, not caring that mom can see all his private parts.  Finally Matt sees how naked he is, and reaches for a towel, but mom stops him, and says "Matt, I'm afraid we are not quite finished yet"  She has Matt stand with his head over the bathroom sink, still naked.  She takes a bar of soap, and tells Matt to open his mouth wide.  Matt starts to plead again, but mom snaps the hairbrush across his very sore bare bottom.  As Matt yelps, mom slips the bar of soap in his mouth, and tells him he must stay put, and can't take the bar of soap out, or rub hs red bottom until she returns.  Before she leaves she says to Matt, "Matt dear, I changed your diapers, and gave you your baths when you were young, so I have seen it all before" she then gave a very red faced Matt a nice pat on his red bare bottom.  Eric hugs his wife, telling her that she spanked Matt worse than he had, and they leave.  Simon now has his chance to get revenge on Matt for spanking him. 

Someone take it from there       



Fan Fic 1:Matt and Simon
Barry came in 2nd today on a tie so here is his its based on 7th Heaven
Matt  was laying in bed he was so tired  his dad came in there was woke up him
MATT get up!!!!!!!!
Huh..... What.........  I was sleeping
What is this??????/
It looks like a ticket
I thought I already got you for this before You are grounded for 3 weeks and.........
And what It better not be another spanking I'm still sore!!!!
You bet your bottom it is
His dad jerked off those covers he was laying there only in his boxers
Get those boxers off now MISTER!!!!!!!
His dad sat at the edge of the bed made Matt get over his knee
He started screaming.........  Help me!!!!!!!!!
Simon walked in half asleep in his boxers What's going on here cant a man sleep around here
I dont see no man relpied Matt
Shut up Matt!!!!
You both shut up!!!!!!!!!!!
What did he do this time?/
See this another speeding Ticket
He laughed
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Come her Simon i'll give ya something to laugh bout off with those boxers
Do it NOW
WhacklKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Dad.........  Stop!!!!!!!!!
Simon take it like a man
He was crying and as his dad continued he thought of a way to get him off of whipping him His dad was at 25 Did..........Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Mattt.........Whackkkkkkkkkk  Tell you........  Whackkkkkkkk
Tell me what
that he got 2 tickets today.........
Someone take it from here
Fan fic 2:Matt
bigal continued on this one
Cont. the story:

Is this true Matt?

Yes sir, I'm sorry.

Well, I'm sorry too, Matt, because now you can't drive until further notice.

BUT DAD!!   I need the car!

Matt, that is something you shouldn't be concerned with now.

With that, Dad started to take off his belt, and Matt's eyes started to get real big, as did Simon's.

I always hate to have to take the belt to your bottom, but, young man, you really need it.  Matt, I want you to bend over the end of the bed, and I want your bottom BARE!

Matt, who had started to get dressed as Simon was getting spanked, slowly took off his pants and boxers, and then bent over sticking his bare bottom up.  Matt could tell his dad was very mad, and his tender bare bottom felt very exposed to the stinging swat of the belt that was to come.

Simon, I want you to watch very closely, and see what happens to teenage youngmen when they get tickets.




Matt was sobbing already, as his dad was really laying the belt hard.


Simon could tell by the bounce of Matt's bare butt cheeks, and Matt's crys, that dad was really swing the belt hard, harder than he had ever seen.


It didn't seem that dad was going to stop, as now Matt was really crying hard, and squirming.   Simon knew now, after the spanking he got, not to laugh, but inside he was loving every stinging swat of the belt his older brother got across his bare bottom.  Simon was getting the view of a lifetime, and something he could remind his bossy older brother many times in the future.


Finally dad stopped the whipping.  Matt spang up grabbing his red bottom, and did a nice little dance for his dad and little brother, while exposing everthing else.

All right Matt, I hope your bottom is good and sore.

Simon said the samething, to himself.

Yes sir, my bare bottom is very sore.  I'm very sorry dad, Matt sniffed.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door

Simon would you go see who that is.

Simon openned the door to see two police officers, who wanted to speak to Matt Camden and his dad.

Someone take it from here.

Fan Fic 3: Simon and Matt
This message was sent in by bigal19602000@yahoo.com  hanks for posting you may noticed I deleted some things here is the finished copy I added a few things too
I really like your posts but I talked it over with my Co-Mod and she agrees too spanking whipping etc is fine but no rape ok exspecially young kids like Simon I mean spanking yeah but there is a thin line between that and abuse
I dont want you to think I'm mad or anything because I really like it when others besides me post fanfic and you have been great bout that but no more rape ok
and folks I'm sorry to do this like this but you understand my point dont you and I could had told him off list but I think this applys to everyone really not just Al
Again Al please dont stop continueing the fanfic and posting fanfic but no more rape of minors please
Anyway here is the edited copy:
Eric was getting tired of Simon bullshit at home&school,well the
orther were acting up to.Eric got a call from the school,so he went
there and the man in charge with punishment(Bobby) was there,he had
some paper for Eric to sign,Eric was so mad that he sign them all to
punish all his kid,so Eric went back to work.Bobby call Simon to
office,Simon came in,and Bob start reading from a list of thing he
did wrong,after he was finsh,@ other men grab him and took him
undergound rooms,Simon was taking to room 1,there the 2 men held
Simon arms behide his back,Bob walk in and started to rip all his
clothing off,simon stand there,Bob told him he was there to be
punish and his punishment will be 50 lashs everyday untill then get
finsh.Simon said you can't do this i have right to speak any way i
like to.Bob walk up to simon and said
you have no right at this school anymore,you give up those right
went you commit yours crime,all the while his was grabing simon 
so hard simon let out a yelled,Bob had the other men to tie
simon down to a table,His arm were bond to the leg of the table,they
thengrab his legs& pull them apart and bond them to the table
leg.Bob then when behide simon back and grab hold to his ass and
said that a smooth ,bob then grab a paddle with hole drill into
it,bob started the spanking and when that paddle hit simon let a
long scream,whoosh,whoosh, over,over again and again after Bob gave
him 50 ,he left simon alone and all you could was wrimp and moan
caming from simon,Bob came back in grab some simon hair and said boy
this isn't over yet.Bob move simon to a bed and tie his arm and legs
to the bed post,He gave his 35 more whacks with each Whack his whole body jarred Whack whack Whack whack Whack  Simon passout and bob went to his next victim which
Fan Fic 2:Simon
I'll go ahead and start off from this one too :-)
Hope you like all of these stories
Simon went to school the next day and was ready to have his butt red ahead he would be safe if the Sub didnt count every word because he had 95 words not 100 But his homework was done he stayed up until 3 am and was really tired but he just dosed off and had to rush to get ready for school the bus was there within 5 minuites after him getting ready thats how late he woke up
He walked in the classroom and there is was the same teacher the same sub smiling with his hand out
Is it done Simon
Yes sir
It better be I dont like being lied to for each word you miss you will get 10 licks
Yes it done......
Ok I trust you he sat it down on the desk
Everyone get out your work books and turn to page 105 I want all the study read and the 10 questions on my desk by the end of the class any questions?
He sat down and starting grading everyone's work from yesterday
Simon was hoping he wouldnt get done in time to read his paper and count the words he didnt want 50 licks with that paddle exspcially since his butt was so red already...
The teacher Got up and stood up May I have you attention for a second students I forgot to tell you but your teacher was out because she had a death in the family and she had to leave the state and your principal told me this mourning that I will be here fr at least 3 months if not more
Oh boy thought Simon........
the rest of the students shouted out Good because they didnt like that other teacher
What do you think Simon?
Oh thats great he said with a fake smile
The Sub laughed Now get back to your work......
Simon sat there doing it and he was done he took up up to the Sub
Here you go Sir
Thank You Simon.......
He looked up at the clock only 5 more minuites left I'm saved he thought he didnt see him look over his paper
Then.......  He saw the paper drop
The teacher met eyes with Simon after 3 minutes Simon could I see you please.....
He slowly walked up
I see 95 words now what did I tell you 50 licks is too much for any young boy getting in one day
Thank God!!!
So I tell ya what I'm going to do...............
Just give me some more work.....
Not that easy You get 10 licks aday for the next 5 days
Oh boy..........
Would you rather get them all today
No ......  Thats fine.....  the next 5 days
Alright but I also.....
what ago 300 word eassay bout Why you should always do your work and what the teacher tells you in a whole not in parts Its due in 3 weeks and I better get EVERY word
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack whack Whack Whack Whack
Ok Simon see ya tommorrow
See you
Before you go Simon......
Yes Sir he said with a scared voice
The first thing I want you to do tommorrow and the rest of the 5 days I want you to meet me at my desk and lift up your shirt and bend over OK
The next mourning he done as he was told
Simon one thing before we start how's that paper Can I see it
He showed it to him 20 words were done already
Great so far Simon but you still have 280 more it better be done by 3 weeks
It will It Will.......
whack whack whack Whack Whack Whack whack whack Whack whack
Also Simon next time I dont want to ask I want you to show me the homework ok.
The 3rd day was here and his butt was hurting so bad he really didfnt want to go but the teacher told him it would be extra if he missed school so rubbing his butt he walked in the classroom
Butt hurt Simon LOL 
He showed him the homework great 150 words you done better last night great job......
Thanks he smiled
Whack whack Whack Whack whack whack Whack Whack Whack whack
The 4th day was here
200 words only 100 to go Simon good job but you still have to bend over
Whack Whack Whack Whack whack whack whack Whack whack Whack
He woke up that next day he looked in the mirror rubbing his butt in his room he looked at it Boy its really red after today I wont be getting into anymore trouble and the only paddling spanking or anything I'm getting today is my last one from that stupid sub
When he walked in the classroom the sub was there with the paddle in his hand Last day for the 50 Simon you done pretty good so far let me see that paper 225!!!!!  And you were doing so good Oh well all I got to tell ya is it better be done in 16 more days
It will.....  It wil.......
It better be for your butts sake
Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack whack Whack whack whack whack
16 days later..........
Someone take it over where I left off
Fan Fic 3:Simon
I cant remember if anyone took this over or not or maybe I did so if that was the case we just have 2 different ones for this stories so Oh well but while I'm doing this website and reread that thought I'd do it
The next few days after the first 5 simon didnt get into too much trouble He did get paddled twice again by the sub
The first time was one week after the 5 day paddling event.....
Simon came in he was tired and in one of the moods the teacher calmed him down twice but then he hit the boy in front of him
Come here Simon.....
Yes sir....
Whats your problem
I dont feel good and I have a mirgrain and no one needs to mess with me
OK Simon I will mess with ya I warned ya twice Bend over
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk
Go set down now.........
The second time was 1 day before the deadline of the paper Simon made an F on a test cause he didnt study
Why did you fail this test
Because of your stupid paper you jerk I didnt have time to study
You get 10 licks for not repecting a teacher you should never call a teacher a jerk
That dont cut it Simon
Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whjackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk
That should do it while I'm thinkiing bout it you done wth that paper yet
I'm almost done
It better be done Its due tommorrow If it aint done not only will I paddle but so will the principal I've already told him bout how many I've had to calm you down out of all my students you are the most unbehaved child I've ever teached.
The next day Simon came in with this big smirk on his face Here ya go sir Its all finished
It better be........  Cause I've had it with your mouth I've had it with you and if I have to get a hold of you again today you wont be able to set down for a mouth of sundays......................
Someone take it over from here
Fan fic 4:Matt And Simon
Oh great job I'll take it :-)

Attached is a pic to give ya an mood idea

Matt, who had been listening at the door, got to see how red his barebottom
was. "That is the reddest bare butt I have ever seen" laughed Matt.  All
Simon could do was to try and get his pants over his sore bottom.  AsMatt
laughed, Rev. Camden put his arm around Matt's shoulder.  "Oh I don't know
Matt, YOU might have a much redder bare bottom then Simon".  Matt's mouth
dropped wide open at his his dad's comment. "Simon's principal wasn't the
only one who called me today. Officer Buckner called me, and told me that my
oldest son had received 2 speeding tickets this week".  Simon snickered as a
stunned Matt was ushered into dad's study.   Simon quickly pulled up
ispants, and snuck over to take a peek.  He was just in time to see hishigh
school older brother, Matt, dropping his pants, and underwear,bending over
the front of the  desk.  " This is going to be fun"Simon said to himself, as
his dad raised his belt over Matt's barebottom.

His dad lifted up his shirt just a tad

Why are you lifting the shirt

Cause it hurts worst the shirt wont block the spanking

Just skip it dad i won't speed anymore I'm too old for a spanking

Thats where you are wrong you are never too old remember the verse in the
bible spare the rod spoil the child

Oh you are just old fashsion!!!!!!

Well that statement just landed you some extra licks sonny

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack

With each Whack it was harder and by the 5th Matt was already in tears

Stop it!!!!  Enough already

Its enough when I say its enough young man!!!

Whack Whack Whack shoosh shoosh shoosh

whack whack whack whack

now for the extra licks

You've done it......enough already he said in tears

Well the tears fell Simon made a remark take it like a man aint that what
you told me

Shut up before you get again Simon

Oh ok dad sorry it said in a scared voice

Follow me Matt Just leave your pants and undies where they lay

Mr Camden got in the desk chair and put Matt young his knee

Not the knee daddy please...........

Yep the knee

This time was some hard smacks with the hand

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack

Now where's that paddle.......

What paddle just kidding get dresssed and get out of my face for awhile and
think bout what you did dont lie to me no more either you know how I feel
bout lying.

I know I know......

Matt was rubbing his butt as he walked away

Dont even say a word simon or I will get a hold of your butt too

A word....

Thats it.....Get over on the chair

Dad.....Stop him

I cant simon he warned you and you was smart with him

Oh no not again

Dont worry little bro I'll go easy on you.........

Yeah right!!!! God help me!!!!!

Why did you put those pants back on take them off

Please I'm sorry

Too late!!!!

He took him over on thw couch put him across his knee

Smack Smack smack Smack Smack

I thought you was going easy

I lied Smack Smack Smack Smack

Simon began to cry again Oh what a great day

It only gets worst little bro Smack Smack smack Smack Smack

Now I'm done I want you to lay here and be quite I'm going to take a cold
shower it might cool up my butt a bit

Your butt what bout mine I've got it all around

Not all around mom hasnt got a hold of you yet of our sisters

Dont remind them please.......

Matt laughed and walked up stairs

Got into the shower man my butt hurts he thought.......

After a few minuites nothing helped he decided to get out

He cussed and his mom heard him she walked in

Mom I'm naked!!!

I dont care I heard what you said


Take off where I left off someone

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