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FanFic 2: HHH And Undertaker
Title: Dead Man Spanking                                   author:
Valerie                                                     content:
spanking M/M, but not until part 2          summary: Hunter learns the
hard way the price of messing with Taker's personal property.
disclaimer: I own no one in this story. They are owned by WWE or
The Undertaker was on his way to the hotel and he was mad. He was
sharing a room with his boyfriend Hunter and that was who he was mad at.
After what Hunter had done to Undertaker's  motorcycle, he was gonna
make sure Hunter would think about tonight everytime he picked up that
sledgehammer he liked to use so much lately. 
He was gonna have to calm down though, because he didn't plan on doing
anything tonight, but on Smackdown Hunter would pay a very big price,
his pride. And after tonights events Undertaker was sure it was no less
than he deserved.
~ Earlier During Raw~
The two of them had been involved in an on-screen feud for several
weeks. But when Hunter had driven Undertaker's motorcycle to the top of
the ramp it was not in the script. So it enraged Undertaker  even more
when Stephanie, Hunter's on-screen wife had brought out the
sledgehammer. With each blow to his motorcycle, that rage was renewed.
But when Hunter had  pushed the motorcycle off the top of the ramp his
anger hit the boiling point.
After the show he had went to Hunter and Stephanie's dressing room
looking for him. "Alright, where is he!?" asked Undertaker as he burst
through the door.                                   "He's already gone
to the hotel. And he mentioned something about finding a very good
hiding place." answered Stephanie.
"Well when I get my hands on him his hiding place may be used for a
hiding!" he said turning to leave.
"Wait a minute."
"What, Steph? And don't even try to talk me out of it. I told him after
having me arrested on the show a few weeks ago what to expect if he
pulled anymore unexpected stunts that aren't in the script!" fumed
"Yes, but see he'll be expecting it tonight, and you'll just have to
find him wherever he's hiding anyway. So when you find him let him think
he's gotten away with it. And then you "punish" him like you're planning
to, on Smackdown." said Stephanie.
"You do know what I'm planning on doing, don't you?" he asked, then
continued, "because isn't Smackdown just a little public for that
pnishment considering it's televised?"
"And what he did to your motorcycle tonight he did in front of the
cameras. Think about that." said Steph. All it took was for Undertaker
to hear that to change his mind. He followed Steph into the dressing
room, and shut the door. So they could plan exactly how he was gonna go
about giving Hunter  what he has coming on Smackdown.


Title: Dead Man Spanking
author: Valerie

content: spanking M/M                     summary: Hunter
learns the hard way the price of messing with Taker's personal property.
disclaimer: I own no one in this story. They are owned by WWE or

Undertaker was watching Hunter in the ring. He couldn't believe it had
been a little over a year since Hunter had busted up his motorcycle. The
night it had happened he had been determined that Hunter was was gonna
pay with his, and his butt. He had been too angry to do anything about
it that night, and after that the timing just never seemed right. Then
Hunter had went out with a torn quad muscle the very next month. Things
had not been right between him and Hunter after what Hunter had done to
his motorcycle, so it had come as no surprise to either of them when
their relastionship ended while Hunter was in Alabama undergoing re-hab
from his injury.
Undertaker knew that now what happened that night over a year ago was
the last thing on Hunter's mind. Well he was gonna get his memory
refreshed the hard way in just a few minutes. He hadn't had any problems
getting his hands on a couple of items he needed for his plan to work.
After being banned from the WWF because of being pinned by Hunter in a
triple threat match had made Stephanie more than happy to help him.
Hunter was in the ring, the title belt slung over his shoulder. Wearing
his white tank top with the HHH logo, and his black track pants, as he
didn't have a match until later that night. He was bragging about the
match the night before which had rid the WWF of Stephanie when
Undertaker's music blared through the arena. Hunter glanced up
the ramp to see the Undertaker walking toward the ring, carrying two
bags.                                                      "Well, well,
well Hunter. I know you're glad to be back after being out so long. And
to have won the belt so soon after coming back, has to have made that
comeback that much sweeter" said Undertaker, slowly walking down the
ramp. "Yeah, Deadman. It's great being back, and being the
Undisputed champion. But I know you're not out here to talk about that,
so why don't you just get down to business and tell me why you're really
out here interupting me" replied Hunter.
"Funny you should mention getting down to business. Since you and I have
some unfinished business" Undertaker stated from where he was now
standing about halfway down the ramp.
"And what would that business be?" asked Hunter sarcastically.
"Do you remember my motorcycle and what you did, BOY?!" asked the
Undertaker then continued, "I have something here that is equally as
dear to you" he added reaching into one of the bags and pulling out
Hunter's sledgehammer, and Hunter's dog Lucy.
"What are you doing with my dog, and sledgehammer? And how did you get
them?" asked Hunter now starting to worry just a little. "Well the
way I see it you busted up something of mine with this sledgehammer. I
think it's only fair I bust up something of yours" answered Undertaker,
placing Lucy on the ground in front of him. Holding her in place with a
leash, while in the other hand the sledgehammer was raised ready to
strike.                                                 "Let go of that
sledgehammer, and leave my dog alone!" shouted Hunter. Now standing on
the bottom rope, and leaning over it slightly as he yelled at
Undertaker, he never noticed Stephanie sneak into the ring behind him
until she pushed him. That push was just enough that he lost his footing
on the bottom rope, and ended up bent over the top rope bottom up. At
that moment to make sure he didn't go anywhere else Stephanie took out
two pairs of handcuffs, she then handcuffed one hand to the middle rope,
and one ankle to the bottom rope so he couldn't even get out of this
upended position.
"Hunter, you should thank Steph later for helping me get you right where
I want you. And fot helping me get my hands on the dog and sledgehammer
to use as bait" said Undertaker entering the ring, and handing Lucy to
Stephanie who took the dog and headed up the ramp and backstage.
"This isn't funny, Taker. Now let me loose!" shouted Hunter, frantically
straining against the handcuffs restraining him.
"Not until you've learned a lesson in respect for others and their
property" replied Undertaker, as he yanked Hunter's track pants down to
his ankles, leaving him in only the white tank top and his trademark
black leather wrestling trunks with his logo on the butt while pulling a
paddle out of one of the bags he had with him, then he continued, "But
first I have someone who wants to help. Since you seem to like pulling
down his wrestling tights so much" said Undertaker as Kurt Angle's music
blared through the arena. Kurt ran to the ring, more than happy to give
Hunter a taste of the same embarssment Hunter had given him for a couple
of weeks now.
"Oh, you're gonna get yours Hunter. It's true, it's true!" laughed Kurt
as he yanked Hunter's wrestling trunks down to his knees. With that
Taker raised the paddle then slammed it down full force on Hunter's bare
"OWWWW! Okay, you made your
point. I'll never bust up anything of yours again. Now let me loose!"
said Hunter.
"BOY, that was just a warm up shot. We're nowhere near finished" replied
Undertaker. As he started a relentess attack on Hunter's backside.
CRACK! SMACK! WHACK! CRACK! CRAACK! Hunter was wriggling, and squirming
trying to get his bottom out of harms way.
"OWWW! Please....please I OWWW!_won't touch OHHH!_your motorcyle
"I should hope not. But I'll just drive that lesson home now so you'll
remember it" replied Taker right before delivering five more rapid fire
"Now that you know what will happen if you ever bust up anything of mine
with that sledgehammer again, let me just say next time instead of a
paddle I will bust your ass with that sledgehammer." said Undertaker as
he unlocked the handcuffs holding Hunter in place then helped him to his
feet. As soon as
Hunter's hands were free they went right to his battered backside trying
to rub out some of the pain. Then very carefully he eased his wrestling
trunks over his sore, swollen bottom as he realized too how
excruciatingly painful his match later was gonna be for his bottom
seeing as his opponent for the night was Kurt Angle, and he would know
what area to target the whole match. As he started up the ramp towards
the back, he however was pulled back into a fierce hug.
"Please, don't ever make me have to do that again. Because I hated
having to do that as much as you hated me doing it." said the
Undertaker, as he grabbed Hunter's hand and they walked to the back
together, hand in hand.


FanFic 1:
This is a kind of weird fan fic but its works LOL 
Its based on the Prince Will Prince Henry area with a WWF (WWE)  mix.
One of my least favorite Wrestlers is William Regal but he is british so...... LOL
Hi mum We are going to the US
Why Prince William
I'm got a personal invite from MR Regal
Isnt he british
Yeah he is
Alright great I'll have my servents pack you bags
Henry is going too
She snapped her fingers and within minuites everything was packed.
They got on the plane
I cant wait til we get there William its going to be great
I know I wish mom could be here to see this
Me too
When they arrived there was millions of screaming fans one of them even tore off William's shirt he was shirtless in front of all these screaming fans
Do you need another shirt sir
Whats the use it will be just ripped again
so he just walked into the statum as is without the shirt
William Regal was the first one on stage
We have a couple of guests with us today Britian's Own Prince William And Prince Henry
As they mae their way up to the ring you heard everyone shouting William william William
William just smiled and waved  Thanks for the invite Mr Regal
Your welcomed it my pleasure.........  You are causeing quite a stir here
Yeah I know
Not as much as home though right
what do you mean
Well you and your brother is causing alot of trouble in my home country I dont like that Do you know why I invited you here
To watch WWE
Nope he unbuttoned William pants showing off his tight underware He took out his championship belt Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk 
Owwwwwwwwwww  You cant do this I'm the prince
Wanta Bet  Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkk
Henry your next and William dont move round two starts off as soon as I get Henry
No not me please..........
Yes you get over here NOW  He removed his shirt and his pants   Whack Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkkkk  whackkkkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkk  Whackkkkkkkk
There was some intro music Hold it a sec I want my piece.............
Who was it